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Learning disability videos about the assessment process

These three videos provide essential information about learning disabilities and the assessment process. They feature interviews with students who have completed the process. Please watch them to learn more.

All About Learning Disabilities and You

What Happens in an Assessment

 What Happens if One Has a Learning Disability

Learning Disabilities Assessment

Los Medanos College provides assessment services to determine if a student is eligible for supportive services for a learning disability. You may have a prior history with learning challenges (or services) in K-12 education or this may be a question you are exploring for the first time. Often students attending community colleges are assessed for the first time and find that their history of learning challenges are based on a learning disability.

This assessment begins with an intake appointment that explores your current concerns and history. The assessment will determine level of achievement in academics - reading, writing, and mathematics – and a profile of cognitive abilities – visual and auditory processing, memory, verbal and nonverbal reasoning, and fluency.

This assessment will be used as the basis for determining eligibility for services from DSPS. Study strategies that fit with your profile of strengths and weaknesses will be provided.

Please contact the DSPS office to make an appointment.

Disabled Students Programs and Services
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