Contact Physical Science

The physical science faculty have their offices in the Los Medanos science building, on the second floor, through the door next to the elevator. However, Dennis and Melinda's offices are down the hallway from the elevator and around the corner.

Science building map, floor 1 and floor 2

  • Floor 1 is the biology department.
  • Floor 2 is the physical science department.

Physical Science Department Faculty

Physical Science Part-Time Faculty office
Office phone: 925-473-7717
From a campus phone, the office extension is x37717
Email: Part-time faculty each has LMC email which is their
first initial, last name
Part-time faculty office is room SC2-221


Science Laboratory Coordinators

Paul West, Chemistry
Office phone: 925-473-7700
Office in the science building is room SC2-242

 Steve Goldenberg, Engineering and Physics
Office phone: 925-473-7699
From a campus phone, his extension is x37699
His office in the science building is room SC2-238