Center for Academic Support

Online Consultations 



Please send your attachments as a Word document.  

If you do not get a response within the time frame posted above, please first check your clutter folder. After checking this folder and you do not have a response, please send an inquiry through this form. Please write in comments you did not recieve a response.  Please note that due to limited staff over the winter break, response time will be slower than normal. 


 What can I expect from an online consultation?

Attach your Essay as a Word Doc.

 The Center’s mission is to provide writing coaching; consultants do not proofread or edit papers. We primarily look at global issues (development, organization, logic). We will direct your attention to style and grammar problems by marking areas of concern. On longer papers, we will mark only the first two pages for style and grammar convention errors. Please limit your submission to 5 pages. If your paper is longer, please select and submit the areas that concern you the most, and if possible, include your working thesis statement.

 How will I receive feedback on my paper? 


After receiving your paper, the consultant will provide feedback to you by using the insert comment function. The consultant’s comments will appear in the margin or inserted in the body of your paper.

When your paper is returned to you, please do the following:

  • Respond to any of the consultant’s questions.
  • Revise the paper and resubmit or visit the center if you wish and due date allows.
  • Revise and turn it into your instructor.
  • Remember that the ultimate responsibility for correctness and completeness of your papers rests with you.