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Print & Stock

2 - 3 day turnaround×

Please send your original file/s and order form/s directly to our print ordering email:

Please fill out a separate Print & Stock request form for every 1-3 original/files attached.

  • There are three forms on each PDF request sheet.
  • To insure order accuracy, fill out all the necessary fields of the request form/s that relate to your job/s.
  • Save your form/s and then attach to your email message, including your original/copy files.
  • Type the name of each job (on forms) to closely match your original/copy file titles.
  • A staff member will reply by the next business day to convey the status of your order.
  • Please call ahead with any emergency "rush" orders that do not adhere to the regular online submission turnaround schedules (shown on home page). Rush jobs will incur "immediate" copy rates and will need to be coordinated to ensure completion.

Print & Stock Request

This form is useful for nearly all job types including:

  • Basic class handouts and packets, exams (check-mark EXAM to have copies packaged)
  • NCR forms (writing transferable papers)
  • Black and white or full color printing, flyers, small format posters (up to 11x17)
  • Booklets and programs (multi-page half fold with interior staples)
  • Post-press finishing work (binding, padding, folding, cutting, drilling, etc.)
  • Paper purchases, and even to order small quantities of general LMC addressed stationary.

Print & Stock Form

Module Request

Use this form only to order Modules (Readers and Workbook Packets) that supplement class text books, online learning tools, and labs.

Please do not use this form for regular class handouts or any other copy/print jobs that are not being sold at our LMC Bookstore. Modules are printed on a set schedule each semester, conducive to Print Shop and Bookstore operations. Memos with deadlines and submission details are sent out at the beginning of every Fall and Spring term. This information can be found on this website and campus email messages.

Call the Print Shop with any questions: ext.37354 

Module Form

NOTE: If you work at the Brentwood Center and would like your copies sent to you, there is a box on the form you can check mark labeled: "DELIVER TO BRENTWOOD CENTER." If you do not have a mailbox at the main Pittsburg campus and your copies are normally sent to Brentwood, you do not need to specify this. However, if you want to stop a regular Brentwood delivery for specific copy job/s and pick-up your copies at the Pittsburg campus, please check the box labeled: "I WILL PICK-UP @ PRINT SHOP."