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Business Card Request

Please use the form below to order business cards. Enter your name and other information the way you want it to read on your card and be sure to include your GL#. Be sure the information is correct before you submit – if you would like to start over, click reset.

Cards come in three different box sizes:

250 cards for $20.00, 500 cards for $35.00, and 1,000 cards for $60.00

Cards are printed on a monthly turnaround cycle (e.g. orders placed March 1st – March 31st will be printed by the first week of April).  When completed, your box of cards will be placed in your mailbox in Central Services for pick-up.   

Contact Mika Mobley, (925) 473-7363

if you have questions about your card order.

Below is an example of what the business card will look like:
image of business card