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Please allow extra time for processing your print materials while our staff hours are limited due to COVID-19 and other job restrictions.  It is recommended that you send your work via email to: attaching your job file/s along with a request form stating your requirements.  However, you may also bring in hard-copy originals and fill out physical request slips to place in the Copy Inbox in the front copy/mail room (CC1-119). Immediate service (while-you-wait or same day) may not be available.  Priority will be given to jobs allowing for two or more work days to complete (Mon. – Fri.).  48hr. or longer, scheduled jobs will be completed in the order they are received.  Please note, walk-up, self-service is available to LMC employees who have a copy code and have been instructed on how to operate the machine. Face-masks are required, and only two people may be in the copy room at one time.

Request & Delivery Expectation Times for Copies in Brentwood Fall 2021

Day and Time Request Submitted Fulfilled by Print Shop Delivered to Brentwood
Monday by 12 pm Completed by Thursday at 12pm Delivered to Brentwood by Thursday 1pm
Tuesday by 12 pm Completed by Thursday at 12pm Delivered to Brentwood by Thursday 1pm
Wednesday by 12pm Completed by following Monday 12pm Delivered to Brentwood by following Tuesday at 1pm
Thursday by 12pm Completed by following Tuesday 12pm Delivered to Brentwood by following Tuesday at 1pm
Friday (anytime, copy center closed) Completed by following Wednesday 12pm Delivered to Brentwood by following Thursday at 1pm


  • Expected times are for standard jobs (exams, handouts, etc.) Any complicated requests will likely be available on the following Tuesday/Thursday than expected.
  • Holidays and the first few weeks of the semester will extend these timeframes.
  • If you would like to send print orders via email, please attach and forward your request form/instructions and print files to: 
  • Faculty need to ensure that a due date is included with the request, otherwise request may be completed later.
  • Lead times can vary from 2-5 business days depending upon the timing of the request.
  • For urgent jobs for which this lead time cannot be provided, faculty will use the self-serve copy machine located in BRT-419

Turnaround Expectation for Jobs Beyond Basic B/W Copies:

Specialty Job Type Fulfilled by Print Shop
Color Printing (no post-press)      2 – 3 days 
Folded Mailers, Flyers, and Brochures  3 – 4 days
Booklets / Programs (folded and center stapled) 5 days minimum 
NCR Order Forms 5 days minimum
Post-Press (cutting, drilling, folding, etc.) 1 day (add a day to the print turnaround)
Paper Purchases (plain and specialty papers) 5 days (above 1 ream)
Stationary Purchases (envelopes/letterhead) 5 – 10 days (business cards may take 4-5 weeks)
Business Cards 4 – 5 weeks (may be longer if low request quantities.)

Instructional packets of considerable length (roughly 30 or more pages) should be considered for sale through the LMC Bookstore (Module readers and workbooks), thus avoiding a heavy charge to your department’s budget. Contact the Print Shop for further details and look for the Module deadline announcements that are circulated each semester. Bear in mind, Central Services cannot reproduce copyrighted material without official copyright clearance. In some instances, you are responsible for getting the publisher or authors release before reproducing their materials.


  • Email ordering system

    When dropping off hard copies is inconvenient, you are encouraged to use our 48 – 72hr Email ordering system for pick-up at the (Main) Pittsburg Campus.

    The Print & Stock page will give you instructions and the request form you need to send with your original file/s.  After clicking the button and opening the Print & Stock form, download and save it to your Hard Drive.  The PDF form will not save what you input online; nor does the preview/reading pane in Outlook save changes to the form. You must open your downloaded form in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to fill-in the fields.  Then, save your changes, and attach with your original printing file/s to an email message addressed to us. If experiencing problems with the form, please contact us.  

    Our group email address is:

    After your print or copy jobs are completed, they will be placed in your mailbox. A notification slip regarding completion of your job/s will be placed in your mailbox for pick-up in the Print Shop when the job exceeds your mailbox capacity. If you work at the Brentwood Center and would like your copies sent to you, there is a box on our form you can check mark labeled: "DELIVER TO BRENTWOOD CENTER." If you do not have a mailbox at the main Pittsburg campus and your copies are normally sent to Brentwood, you do not need to specify this. However, if you want to stop a routine Brentwood delivery for specific copy job/s and instead pick them up at the Pittsburg campus, please check the box labeled: "I WILL PICK-UP @ PRINT SHOP."


  • Costs

    The cost for immediate black/white copy and printing service is $.0125 per impression for instructional departments, and $.02/impression for administrative departments and programs. We also offer 48 hour or more service which costs only $.0025 per impression (b/w) for instructional departments, and $.0075/impression (b/w) for administrative departments and programs.  As a convenience for short-run (200 sheets or less each visit) copy jobs, a black/white self-service machine is also available for you to use at a rate of $.02 per impression.  Full color printing is another service we provide, but is significantly higher in cost.  It is $00.10/impression for jobs specifying two or more day’s turnaround, and $00.15/impression for "RUSH" immediate jobs (under 48hrs turnaround).  There are no additional fees included with any of these impression rates when running work on our standard plain letter-size paper.  However, when requesting color paper, card stock, NCR, larger format, and other premium papers, there are additional material costs that will be billed to your department or program.  Please help LMC manage reproduction costs by only duplicating materials which are absolutely necessary for student learning and/or campus communications. Many departments overspend their copy budget every year.  Please secure Department Chair, Manager, or Dean approval for significantly large copying or printing volumes (i.e. a document that is 100 pages in length, duplicated for an audience of 100 or more).



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