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The Computer Science Department offers a variety of degrees and certificates that can lead to job placement and advancement.  

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Associate of Science Degree for Transfer (AST): Computer Science

Stem student assisted by instructor at computerThe AS-T degree in Computer Science provides the foundational courses needed by the higher level courses offered at the CSUs. Enrolling and completing our program allows computer science majors to advance directly through the industry recognized sequence of courses. Upon graduation, students can obtain highly successful jobs in software engineering, computer networking, computer security, video game design, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and cyber security.

Download the Computer Science Associate Degree for Transfer flyer
Download the Degree Checklist (PDF format)

Associate of Science Degree: Computer Support Specialist

Computer Science studentAre you the "go to" person when it comes to computer technology? Do you enjoy helping your family and friends solve their computer problems? You may be interested in an Computer Support Specialist Associate of Science degree. Computer support specialists assist co-workers and customers troubleshoot and solve problems they're having with computer hardware and software.

Click the above link to learn more about the Computer Support Specialist AS degree, as well as the associated Basic and Advanced Certificate of Achievement certificates.

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Download the Degree Checklist (PDF format)

Download the Degree Checklist (Word format)

Associate of Science Degree: Networking and Security

Networking and Security student, SoniaAre you concerned about your computer resources? Do you worry about who may be hacking into your system? Are you wanting to learn more about how networks are configured, maintained and secured? Great! You have picked the right degree as this program will prepare you for jobs in many industries that require technical skills, as well as the ability to research and solve problems or crimes.

Click the above link to learn more about the Networking and Security AS degree, as well as the associated Basic and Advanced Certificate of Achievement certificates.

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Download the Degree Checklist (PDF format)

Download the Degree Checklist (Word format)

Certificate of Achievement: Computer Applications Specialists

Computer Support studentsA Computer Applications Specialists Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those who successfully complete the requirements. Students interested in obtaining this Certificate of Achievement should use the following checklist to help keep track of their degree requirements.

Checklist (PDF format)

Checklist (Word format)

View College skills certificates

Stem student working in labComputer Science also offers numerous college skills certificates that are less than 18 units. These certificates can be completed in as little as two semesters. A college skills certificate will be awarded by the department based on the completion of the required course work. Students working any of these certificates should use the following checklists to keep track of their progress:


Foundation - Checklist (PDF format)

Foundation - Checklist (Word format)



Core - Checklist (PDF format)

Core - Checklist (Word format)


Game Design

Game Design Checklist (PDF format)

Game Design Checklist (Word format)


PC Repair

PC Repair Checklist (PDF format)

PC Repair Checklist (Word format)


Web Design

Web Design Checklist (PDF format)

Web Design Checklist (Word format)

College Skills Certificate Application

Students who have completed the recommended units for a College Skills Certificate need to submit a Skills Certificate Application to Admissions & Records. Click here to download the form or go to

Graduation Application

Students who have completed all of the requirements for an AS degree or Certificate of Achievement will need to complete a graduation petition. The graduation petition can be obtained from the Admissions & Records office, or downloaded from

Career Coach

Career Coach is an excellent service where you can learn about different careers. You can also look up employment outlook, job openings, salaries, educational programs and even LMC's programs. Use this site to help select a program of study and future career, and perhaps complete a degree and/or certificate. Career Coach is located at Check it out today!