Computer Science

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Dynamic Careers in Computer Support & Network Security

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The Los Medanos College Computer Science Department offers a broad selection of computer classes designed around the needs of today's workplace.

The program is structured so you can take a limited number of selected basic skills classes, or elect to complete our certificate and/or degree programs. You can choose from three AS degrees, or simply complete enough classes for the basic or advanced certificates that are available. Whichever direction you chose, you will definitely benefit from developing better computer skills. 

Each degree and/or certificate program offers a sequence of courses designed to provide you with a professional level competence in a number of important computer skill areas. The curriculum includes courses which provide extensive hands-on experience with up-to-date computer equipment, wireless technology, operating systems, and applications.

Essential job related skills are stressed in all classes and courses are continuously updated to reflect current technology. Current events in Information Technology will be routinely discussed in all courses required in this program.

Explore our Areas of Study to learn more about the Computer Science degrees and certificates. 


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