Child Care Application

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Schedule, Fees & Application

  • What services are available?

    The Child Study Center has been awarded the Federal Food Program Grant. This enabled us to offer a meal program to all children at no extra cost. We offer morning breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. Meal plans are posted in the center. Iron-fortified infant formula is offered at no charge. 

    For more information please use:
    USDA Nondiscrimination Statement | Food and Nutrition Service 
    The non-discriminatory policy and participants' procedures for filing a complaint. 

    Day programs are available with the following options:


    M,W& F

    Tu&Th, M&W

    M, Tu,W &Th

    M through F

    8:00/8:30am – 12:00/12:30pm

    I,T,P & K

    I,T,P & K

    I,T,P & K

    I,T,P & K

    12:00am – 4:00pm

    P & K

    P & K

     P & K

    P & K

    8:00am – 4:00pm

    I,T,P & K

    I,T,P & K

     I,T,P & K

    I,T,P & K


  • Who is eligible to use the Child Study Center?

    The Center is available for use by LMC students, LMC staff and faculty, and community families.Priority registration is reserved for LMC students only.

  • How much does it cost?

    Monthly Rates for Faculty/Staff, Community and Funded Families


    Infant Program
    (0 Months-2 years) monthly rate

    Toddler Program
    (2 & 3 years) monthly rate

    Preschool/Pre-K Program
    (4 & 5 years) monthly rate

    Part Time 
    (1-4 hrs. daily)
    $856 $705 $600
    Full Time 
    (4.1-8 hrs. daily)
    $1068 $880 $750

    Student families are billed monthly prior to each month’s attendance.  Charges are based on contracted hours and are paid whether the child attends the center or not


    Infant Program
    (0 Months-2 years)

    Early Preschool Program
    (2 & 3 years)

    Preschool/Pre-K Program
    (4 & 5 years)


    Scholarship Rate

    CCAMPIS Rate

    Scholarship Rate


    Scholarship Rate


    M/W or T/Th ½ day







    M/W/F or T/Th/F ½ day







    Four ½ day option







    Full week part day







    M/W or T/Th full day






    $221- $182

    M/W/F or T/Th/F full day







    Four full day option







    Full week full day







  • What other requirements are there?
    All parents who apply for the partial scholarship rate are required to participate as a parent helper in the lab 1½ hours weekly by arrangement and complete weekly lab participation sheets. If this is your first year at the Center you must enroll in a Child Development course.
  • Can I learn more about the program before I decide to enroll?
    Yes! Parents are always welcome to come by and observe the children and teachers at work and play. Ask for a copy of the Parent Handbook to read about our philosophy, curriculum approach and program policies.The teaching staff, director or front desk assistant can answer specific questions.
  • How do I schedule childcare? 

    You may reserve child care space for the morning, afternoon or full day as space and program allows.You will sign a contract to reserve these time blocks for your child for every week of the semester. Follow these guidelines:

    •Children attend the Center on a fixed weekly schedule.Once you contract for certain days each week, you are charged for those hours whether your child attends or not.Extra hours may be arranged ahead of time with your child’s teacher if class size allows, but no “drop in” care is available.

    •Children are scheduled to attend the Center in morning, afternoon or full day blocks of time

    •Children must be dropped off and picked up promptly at their scheduled times. Early drop-off and late-pickup fees are charged ($1.00 per minute).

    •The Center must be notified in writing (use a “Change of Schedule/Withdrawal Form”) of any schedule changes. Schedule changes may occur at the first of each month with at least two weeks written notice. You must formally change your schedule or withdraw from the program to avoid continued billing for a reserved childcare space.

    PLEASE NOTE: Dropping classes DOES NOT withdraw you from the Center.You MUST file a “Change of Schedule/Withdrawal Form”, even if your child stops attending the Center, before you will stop incurring child care charges.

Application for Childcare


Applications are accepted by appointment at the Child Study Center.  Please note that it takes 24 hours to process an application before your child can begin attending the Center.  To make an appointment, call the office at (925) 473-7640.  Please fill out this application form and bring it to your appointment, along with the following:

  1. Immunization records and Physician’s Report for each child you wish to enroll.
  2. Receipt of payment for Registration & Materials fee from the Cashier’s Office. (See Questions & Answers form for rates)
  3. Partial scholarship rates are awarded to Pell-grant eligible students who maintain 6 units or more, have an education plan on file, a 2.0 GPA and weekly lab school participation hours or are enrolled in CHDEV 22. Weekly censes of participation will determine continuance in the scholarship program