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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my student email?

Student Email

Once students have applied to the college, they are assigned a student email account. All college correspondence will be sent to the student email. View InSite Portal Login Instructions Here.

How do I register for a class?

How can I clear a prerequisite for a course?

Prerequisite Equivalency Request Form

Some courses have prerequisites or advisories included with the course description. These are designated by the instructional departments to assist students in selection of course levels for their maximum success. References to “successful completion” implies with a grade of ‘C’ or better.

Prerequisite: A course or other requirement that must be completed and verified prior to enrollment in a more advanced level course.  Students may upload unofficial transcripts and/or AP Test Scores for review by Admissions and Records staff to clear prerequisites for courses by using the Prerequisite Equivalency Request Form located in the Student Forms tile in InSite.  Prerequisites may take 3-5 business days for review and clearance.

How can I request overload for a semester?

Unit Overload

Twelve units is considered full-time for benefit purposes through the Veterans Administration and through Social Security. Athletes, financial aid students, etc., should note there is a unit load and unit completion requirement. Nineteen units is the maximum load without approval from the Director of Admissions and Records. Students should discuss the question of appropriate course load with a counselor. To request overload students must submit a Unit Overload request form indicating the course(s) that constitute overload.

 Can I enroll in two courses with conflicting scheduled times?

Course Catalog

Students are not permitted to enroll in more than one section of the same course and may not enroll in courses that have scheduled meeting times which conflict.

I am enrolled in an online class. How can I find assistance for Canvas?

Online Learning at LMC

To access your Canvas account login with your InSite username and password.
Note: Any changes made to your InSite account, such as resetting your password or adding/dropping a course, will be updated in Canvas in three hours.

 How do I order official transcripts from LMC?

Student Records

Ordering your official transcripts is easy. Just log into InSite and click on the Grades-Transcripts tile to place your order. Los Medanos College uses Parchment for all official transcript orders.

How can I tell if LMC received my official transcripts?


Students can view official transcripts received by Los Medanos College by clicking on the Grades-Transcripts tile in InSite. Next, click on the Received Transcripts menu option.

I am a high school student.  Where do I find information about concurrent enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment, also known as special admit enrollment, is reserved for high school students 14 years or older and for students beyond the 8th grade.

I am a high school student and my high school participates in the dual enrollment program at LMC.  Where can I find information on dual enrollment?

Dual Enrollment

LMC offers college courses to high school students during their regular school day! These courses are called Dual Enrollment courses. Students must apply to the college and work with their high school counselors in order to enroll in these special classes.

I am a new student and I do not know which courses to take.  How can I meet with a counselor?

Counseling Services

Los Medanos College offers counseling services to students.  Please check on the availability of services as updates are published online.