Admissions Information for Faculty FAQ


Below are some common questions the admissions office receives:





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Late Add Codes


Late add codes are generated 2-3 days before the start of the term for the convenience of faculty. HOWEVER, they cannot be used by students until the first day of the class. Late add codes expire on the last day to add. The last day to add for each class is located on the faculty roster in WebAdvisor.


Late Add Petitions


Students have until the last day to add to use their late add codes. If they do not register by that date, they can fill out a Late Add Petition and give it to the instructor. The instructor fills out the form and indicates the student's first day of attendance. The first day of attendance MUST BE prior to census or the form will not be approved. The student has 5 business days to return the form to Admissions & Records. If the student does not return this form to register within 5 business days of census day, the form will be denied and the student must stop attending the class.


No Show Drops


Faculty are required by state regulation to drop students who do not show up to the class. Faculty should use the WebAdvisor drop rosters to drop students by clicking the "No Show" button next to the student's name. Once the last day for a refund has passed, the "no show" button will not be available. In this situation, faculty will need to drop no show students on the census roster.


Census Rosters


Census rosters are printed on census day, distributed to faculty on the same day and are due one week later. On the census roster faculty must drop students who have never appeared in the classroom (NS or no shows), or students who have stopped attending prior to census. Census rosters are mandatory documents, faculty are certifying the roster is a true and correct representation of which students are attending the class.


Dropping Students


Faculty should use the WebAdvisor faculty drop roster to drop students. This option is available up to 75% or the course and coincides with the last day to drop with a W. After the last day to drop , neither faculty nor students can drop. The student must then receive a grade in the class.




If faculty drop students and the student returns, or the student accidentally drops themselves, the instructor can issue a reinstate slip to Admissions & Records. The reinstate is up to the instructor's discretion. The reinstate form can be accepted up to the final grade process.


Final Grades


Faculty have 3 business days from the end of the class or term to submit grades. All grades are submitted on WebAdvisor. Each student registered in the class must receive a grade.


Positive Attendance


Instructors who have positive attendance classes must post the student's actual hours of attendance at the end of the term in WebAdvisor. After posting hours, faculty need to print out a positive attendance roster from WebAdvisor, sign and date it, and turn it into Admissions & Records.




If a student has an unforeseeable emergency at the end of the term, he/she may request an incomplete from the instructor. The instructor will post the grade the student would receive if no additional work was completed. The grade to be posted in WebAdvisor is IB, IC, ID, IF or IN (for No Pass). The instructor will post an expiration date for the incomplete grade. On the expiration date, the grade will automatically convert to the grade that was entered on WebAdvisor.


Faculty will need to fill out an Incomplete Grade Contract (available in Admissions & Records) and submit the form to your dean. Instructors need to indicate the grade the student was receiving going into the final and the percentage of work completed on the Incomplete Grade Contract. The form requires the student signature or an email attached from the student requesting the incomplete. The student may not re-enroll in the course while the incomplete grade remains on the student record.


Once the student has completed the work, the instructor will change the grade on a regular Grade Change Form.


Grade changes


If faculty find they made a mistake on grading, they can issue a grade change to correct the grade. Faculty can obtain a Grade Change Form from Admissions & Records. The only legal reason for a grade change is instructor error. This along with the reason for the error must be listed on the grade change form. The instructor takes the form to the dean for signature.