EvidenceStdIII.A III.A.1.a-1toIII.A.1.b-11



III.A.1.a-1 Governing Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
III.A.1.a-2 Human Resources Department Procedures
III.A.1.a-3 Faculty Box 2A Hiring Training PowerPoint
III.A.1.a-4 2014 District HR Training Title 5 and EEO Regulations Workshop Email 06Feb2014
III.A.1.a-5 Title 5 and EEO Regulations February 2014 District HR Training PowerPoint
III.A.1.a-6 Human Resources Procedure 1010.01, NonDiscrimination Procedures and Faculty and Staff Diversity Program (FSDP)
III.A.1.a-7 Human Resources Procedure 1010.03, Employee Participation in Applicant Selection Process of Relatives
III.A.1.a-8 Human Resources Procedure 1010.04, Telephone Pre-employment Reference Check
III.A.1.a-9 Human Resources Procedure 1010.06, Hiring of Contract Administrators
III.A.1.a-10 Uniform Employment Selection Guide-Section III
III.A.1.a-11 Faculty Job Announcements
III.A.1.b-1 New Employee Orientation Checklist
III.A.1.b-2 Local One Contract 2013-2016
III.A.1.b-3 Human Resources Procedure 3080.02, Evaluation of Confidential and Supervisory Employees
III.A.1.b-4 Human Resources Procedure 3080.03, Classified Management Personnel Performance Evaluation
III.A.1.b-5 Human Resources Procedure 3080.05, Evaluation of Classified Contract Administrators
III.A.1.b-6 Human Resources Procedure 3080.04, Participation in the Academic Classified Management Evaluation Process
III.A.1.b-7 Classified Evaluation Project Kick-Off July 2010
III.A.1.b-8 Classified Evaluation Form
III.A.1.b-9 Faculty Evaluation Database fall 2013
III.A.1.b-10 Management, Supervisory and Confidential Employees Personnel Manual
III.A.1.b-11 LMC Management Evaluation Cycle 2013-2020