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Students Starting Before Fall 2019

If you are currently taking an algebra or pre-statistics course at LMC, or planning to take one of these courses, we encourage you to consider the new math options available to you.  Don’t let your fear or trepidation about math get in the way. These new math options will improve your chances of completing math for your degree or for transfer to a university. You may also be able to bypass math courses that we previously required you to take. This will save you time and money.

If you have not completed intermediate algebra (or Algebra 2/Integrated Math 3) with at least a C, you may be blocked from enrolling in a course that you want. To avoid this, complete the new streamlined Multiple Measures Assessment process  to get a new math recommendation. This is a very quick and easy online process. 

Why these changes in math at LMC?

In response to recent state legislation (AB 705), community college students now have the right to bypass math remediation and enroll directly in college math that meets their degree or transfer requirements.

This is a big change.

In the past, we required many students to start in algebra or pre-statistics courses. This meant that some students had up to two years of math remediation before they were eligible for math that satisfied their degree or university transfer requirements. This approach did not work for most students. So we are now doing things differently.

Starting in Fall 2019, all students will be able to finish math requirements for a degree, or for transfer, in one semester. Research at many other colleges and at LMC shows that many more students succeed with this approach, even students who feel that they are weak in math. This approach also saves you time and money.