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If you do not see your instructor's email address listed below or your email is bounced back, please call the Math Lab at (925) 473-7665

Last First Email Office ext
Aderinto Adeyemi Aderinto, Adeyemi MA-138 925-473-7666


Matthew Allen, Matthew MA 138 925-473-7666
Bailey Mohamed Bailey, Mohamed BRT 925-473-6925
Batra Preeti Batra, Preeti MA 138 925-473-7666
Bennett Jeanne Bennett, Jeanne BRT 925-473-6925
Briones Rogelio Briones, Rogelio MA 138 925-473-7666
Chu Ying Chu, Ying BRT 925-473-6925
Clark Jordan Clark, Jordan MA-121 925-473-7654
Cohen Jim  Cohen, Jim MA 124 925-473-7653
Crain Myles Crain, Myles MA-103 925-473-7662
Crawford Nicholas

Crawford, Nicholas

BRT 925-473-6925
Crosby Bauea

Crosby, Bauea

MA 138 9250473-7666
Daroogheha Sepideh Daroogheha, Sepideh MA 140 925-473-7679
DeStefano Jill DeStefano, Jill BRT A9 925-473-6911
DeStefano Jill P. DeStefano, Jill P. BRT 925-473-6925
Durrenberger Jayne Durrenberger, Jayne BRT 925-473-6925
Elseikali Joane  Elseikali, Joane MA 138 925-473-7666
Estrada Rick

Estrada, Rick

MA 119 925-473-7661


Flores, Jocelyn

BRT 925-473-6925
Freeland Dan Freeland, Dan MA-138 925-473-7666
Gangar Jogi Gangar, Jogi BRT 925-473-6925


Ghannadan, Sarah

MA 138 925-473-7666
Gonzalinajec Nidia Gonzalinajec, Nidia MA-124 925-473-7655
Gravert Mireya Gravert, Mireya BRT 925-473-6925
Guerrero-Gonzalez Julio Guerrero-Gonzalez, Julio MA 140 925-473-7680
Gwin Ely Gwin, Ely BRT 925-473-6925
Hubbard Scott

Hubbard, Scott

BRT A9 925-473-6914
Johnson Scott 

Johnson, Scott

MA 123 925-473-7668
Landers Mara

Landers, Mara

MA 120 925-473-7657
Liang WeiJian  Liang, WeiJian MA 138 925-473-6913
Lumanglas Christopher Lumanglas, Christopher MA 138 925-473-7666
Maciel Crystal Maciel, Crystal BRT 925-473-6925
Magante Marie

Magante, Maria

Department Chair

MA 132 925-473-7649
Matthews Shaw  Matthews, Shaw MA 138 925-473-7666


Morales, Jason

BRT 925-473-6925


Narayan, Saleshni

MA-138 925-473-7666
Pedersen (Read Story) Ryan

Pedersen, Ryan

(Dean of Mathematics and Sciences)

SS 444 925-473-7404


Perrone, Maria

     BRT A9 925-473-6913
Ramos Diwa

Ramos, Diwa

MA 122 925-473-7656
Rehman Taslima

Rehman, Taslima

BRT 925-473-6925
Reynoso Jose

Reynoso, Jose

BRT 925-473-6925
Rust Tue

Rust, Tue

MA 133 925-473-7658
Saharan Seema Saharan, Seema MA 138 925-473-7666
Saito Jen 

Saito, Jen

MA 128 925-473-7601
Snell Myra 

Snell, Myra

MA 129 925-473-7652
Stricker Matt

Stricker, Matt

BRT A9 925-473-6912
Twitchell Charles

Twitchell, Charles

MA-138 925-473-7666
Von Bergen Julie

Von Bergen, Julie

MA 135 925-473-7659
Wolf Von Wolf, Von BRT 925-473-6925
Yoseph Sarah Yoseph, Sarah MA-138 925-473-7666
Zheng Banglun Zheng, Banjlun MA 138 925-473-7666