AA Requirements for Journalism

This two-year program of study can lead to an entry level position with a community newspaper, or to transfer to a four-year college to pursue a journalism or communications major. The program provides practical training, leading to careers in print journalism, broadcasting, advertising and public relations. The required courses for the major are listed in a recommended sequence.

An Associate in Arts degree may be earned by completion of the major requirements plus requirements defined in the Associate Degree Requirements section of the Los Medanos College Catalog.

1st semester

JOURN 110 Writing for the Media, 3 units
JOURN 100 Mass Communication, 3 units

2nd semester

JOURN 115A Media Writing Practicum, 1 unit
JOURN 130 Media Production I, 3 units

3rd semester

JOURN 115B Media Writing Practicum, I unit
JOURN 131 Media Production II, 3 units

4th semester

JOURN 115C Media Writing Practicum, I unit

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