Social Science

The fields of study that are concerned with human relationships are the Social Sciences. The disciplines offered at LMC are: Economics, History, and Political Science.graphic for social science


is the study of how societies allocate their available resources to meet human needs. LMC offers microeconomics and macroeconomics.


is the preserved memory of humankind's past experiences. While history is included among the social sciences, at LMC, the field is more comprehensive, including, synthesis and interpretation. For example, all of the major periods from ancient-modern in world history are covered. In addition, courses are offered in California History, and U.S. History (Origins to Civil War, Civil War to Present, and World War II to Present).

Political Science

focuses on politics and government. Where politics focuses on making public decisions, government is the set of institutions through which such decisions are made. In addition to studying the constitution and the History of American Institutions, students can examine the role of the U.S. in the world through the study of International Relations.