Philosophy Club @ LMC

Philosophy Club

Fall 2021

The Philosophy Club returns! We meet every Monday from 2:30p - 3:30p in SC1-132 (following all state and local mandates).

Weekly topics with guest speakers and a semester long film series. You don’t have to be a philosophy major, just interested in the big questions. Drop by any meeting. Our door is open to anyone and everyone.

For more information or if you are interested in joining, please contact Edward Haven


First Meeting August 30th from 2:30p - 3:30p.

Want to pick a topic for the week? Email Professor Edward Haven and we could be discussing your topic at an upcoming meeting!

Past Meetings:

  • Spring 2020


    Feburary 5th Ethics of Childbearing
    12th Philosophy of Love (ELECTIONS)

    19th Narrative Identity
    26th Virginity
    March 4th Regarder - Professor Haven
    11th Stereotypes
    18th Preserving Spaces
    25th Testing Animals
    April 1st SPRING BREAK
    8th Ethics and Technology
    15th The Power of Sexual Discrimination
    22nd Philosophy of Music
  • Fall 2019
    September 4th Capitalism: Does Money Matter?
    11th The Culture of Evolution - Professor Edward Haven 
    18th Freewill
    25th Women's Rights
    October 2nd Cultural Acceptance
    9th Debate Prep
    14th DEBATE (SC1-136 at 2:30) Cultural Inclusion in Democracy
    16th Systematic Inequity
    23rd Movie: MOONLIGHT (CC1-114 at 2:30)
    30th Religious Equality vs Equity
    November 6th Assisted Suicide
    13th Rape Culture
    19th Movie: No Country for Old Men (CC1-114 at 5) with Professor Sudduth and Professor Haven
    20th Professor Julius Ojewole
    27th Friendsgiving
    December 4th TBD
    11th TBD