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  • What does OER, ZTC and ZTC Degree mean?

    OER stands for Open Educational Resources. Open educational resources (OER) are free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes. [1]

    ZTC stands for Zero Textbook Cost. These are sections of a course which are offered at no textbook cost.

    ZTC Degree is a Zero Textbook Cost Degree. This means that all the units necessary to complete the degree (including GE) can be obtained through Zero Textbook Cost sections.

  • How is ZTC defined?

    In Short, a free (often) digital copy of the learning resources will be provided to all students in the sections, however students may have to pay for lab materials or required supplies, like clay, paint, goggles or calculators.

    The State has established parameters for what constitutes “zero-textbook-cost”:
    • If all assigned textbooks are optional for the section
    • If all assigned textbooks are identified as Open Educational Resource (OER) textbooks 
    • If there is no assigned textbook
    • If the assigned textbooks (including course readers) are available online for free (i.e. through library databases) AND students are not required to buy a physical copy. (Note: for course readers and online materials, faculty are responsible for adhering to copyright and accessibility requirements)

    YES - Lab materials or required supplies are not considered a textbook cost. If a course section meets the parameters above and requires a materials fee – then the section WOULD qualify as zero textbook cost.

    NO - If students need to pay fees to access a software platform to do coursework or homework, this counts as a cost. The course section would NOT qualify.

  • How do I find ZTC sections at LMC?

    Los Medanos College is proud to offer students Zero Textbook Cost Sections of our courses. Look for this symbol in the online schedule (it will not appear in the print schedule, the catalog or insight):

     Zero Textbook Cost

    For these sections students will pay nothing for the educational resources needed to complete the class (however, you may have minimal costs for materials or printed copies. Please see our FAQ page for more details about what qualifies as Zero Textbook Cost and what expenses may still be associated with a Zero Textbook Cost section).

  • How can I get involved in helping ztc sections happen at LMC?
     Whether you are a student, faculty or staff contact Edward Haven
  • How does OER affect Articulation?

    Please see the following document that summarizes articulation issues around OER:

    OER and Articulation

    From Santa Ana College OER FAQ:

    "It is fine to use assembled materials or Open Educational Resources, so long as they're stable and publicly available as published textbooks (and not a list of links).

    All CSU and UC campus departments consider the content of textbooks when reviewing articulation proposals from the CCCs. The use of online texts is reviewed by campuses on a case-by-case basis for articulation with CCCs.

    There are multiple CCC courses that use online texts that are approved for CSU- and UC-transferability, and for articulation with CSU and UC campuses.

    Some CSU and UC campus departments use online texts themselves.
    ◾Nancy Purcille, Transfer Articulation Coordinator, University of California, Office of the President
    ◾Alison M. Wrynn, Ph.D., State University Associate Dean, Academic Programs, California State University, Office of the Chancellor
    CSU Affordable Learning Solutions"