LG Electronics Joins Los Medanos College (LMC) In Training of Appliance Service Technicians

Media Contact: Barbara Cella, Director of Marketing, bcella@losmedanos.edu, 925-473-7322

Program Contact: Len Price, Chair and Faculty, Appliance Service Technology, lprice@losmedanos.edu


PITTSBURG:  Los Medanos College’s (LMC) Appliance Service Technology Program has a new industry partner: LG Electronics. An innovative industry leader in the world of electronics, LG will be supporting training at LMC that will focus on their line of state-of-the-art household appliances. 

LG will be providing some of their latest appliances for LMC students to work on in their training classes, along with curriculum materials, training aids, specialty tools and repair parts. Training experts will give technical training to LMC’s instructors. They will also provide training sessions for current LG techs in the field at the College, and LMC’s appliance service technology students will have the opportunity to participate.

On Thursday, October 8, Kyumoon Yu, President of LG Electronics Alabama Inc. (LGEAI) joined LMC President Bob Kratochvil as the two partners celebrated the new alliance at the College. The celebration included a ribbon-cutting and certificate presentation, and a classroom conversation between LG representatives, LMC appliance faculty, and current appliance service technology students.

Faculty cutting ribbon

Left to right: Len Price, LMC Appliance Service Technology Chair and Faculty; Kyumoon Yu, LGEAI President; Bob Kratochvil, LMC President; Michael Kozlowski, Director, Field Service & Strategy; Jae Park, Senior Manager, Human Resources; and James Chalut, Senior Manager, Technical Information Services.


Michael Kozlowski, Director, Field Service & Strategy; Jae Park, Senior Manager, Human Resources; and James Chalut, Senior Manager, Technical Information Services, accompanied LGEAI President Yu. 

“We are honored that LG Electronics is committed to working with Los Medanos College on this venture,” said LMC President Bob Kratochvil. “Part of our mission as a community college involves preparing a quality workforce, and seeking partnerships that promote the well-being of our diverse and growing communities. This new alliance will prepare our students for careers in the region and beyond.”

Len Price, Chair and Faculty of the LMC program explained, “LG is one of the most supportive companies for service technicians in the field. Being able to work with this industry leader is an honor and a privilege for our college. Their product is up there amongst top-of-the-line products currently available. LG will be providing a wide variety of appliances for students to practice on including refrigerators, ranges and ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and clothing washers and dryers.” 

“One of LMC’s goals is developing strong industry partners as the college prepares a strong workforce for today and tomorrow”, stated Natalie Hannum, Dean of Career Technical Education & Social Sciences. “With LG sales continuing to grow, more trained technicians are needed to service these appliances. We look forward to working with LG Electronics to train our students for successful careers servicing their appliances.”

LMC’s Appliance Service Technology Program is the only credit program of its kind at a public community college in California. Students and current field technicians come from far and wide to be trained at Los Medanos College on the latest home appliances. Alumni have gone on to successful careers working for major appliance manufacturers and appliance service companies, while others have their own repair businesses.

For more information about LMC’s Appliance Service Technology Program, visit www.losmedanos.edu/appliance or contact Len Price, Program Chair at lprice@losmedanos.edu, 925-473-7737.



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