Steps for New Students at LMC - Step 3

Step 3 assessment/placement


Assessment is required for all LMC students. English or ESL and Math assessment will help you and your counselor determine which courses are appropriate for your skill level. Much of your success at Los Medanos College depends on enrolling in courses that match your academic skills.


The LMC Assessment Center staff will use your transcripts, results from placement tests taken at other colleges and/or results from the Los Medanos College placement test to determine your English and math placements. Be sure to bring your high school transcript with you to your assessment appointment. If it is possible to determine your English and math placement based on your transcripts, you will not need to take the LMC placement tests. See Alternatives to Taking the Assessment Tests.


Visit the Assessment website for complete information about assessment testing, policies and study guides.






IMPORTANT: You must present a picture I.D., such as a driver's license or student ID card, at the time of your assessment.


Local graduating high school seniors can be assessed at their high schools. Contact your school's career center or a high school counselor early in the spring to make an appointment. A schedule of high school visits will be posted on the high school Important Dates page in February.


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