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Mentor Ambassadors!

MESA Student Ambassador!

MESA is looking for Fall tutors!  Do you have at least 6 units in the fall?  Have you taken some STEM courses and passed with a B or above?  Do you feel like you want to help support your fellow MESA students and get paid?  Apply Now! Think you have what it takes to be an awesome MESA Mentor Ambassador?  Apply Now for Fall!!!  You can mentor your fellow MESA students, learn a lot about goal setting, transfer process and more!  MESA student Ambassadors help MESA by running our social media, making flyers, helping us with events, and helping out in the MESA center!  Want to have this fun and creative job for fall?  Apply Now!
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STEM Flyer

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MESA Calculus Section!

Want to have your own Calc tutor assigned to class? An awesome MESA Prof?  Some cool Calc study groups?  Some fun calculus parties? This class is for you!

Math 210-2276     

MW 8 AM - 11:10 AM , face-to-face, instructor: Julio Guerrero-Gonzalez

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