World Languages


sign hands talkingCollege Skills Certificate
in American Sign Language

American Sign Language IV (SIGN-068), the level IV class transfers to CSU, UC,

Deaf Culture (SIGN-072)

6 Units

Check with counselor for transfer details.


Angel de ReformaCollege Skills Certificate in Spanish


5 Units

Spanish 53 Intermediate Spanish II 

¬°Mucho √©xito! 

Only 5 Units of Intermediate Spanish II. The level IV class transfers to CSU, UC. Check the LMC Catalog for details. Upon successful completion of Span 53 request an application from Admissions.



College Skills Certificate in Cultural Competence in Modern World Languages

Any three of the 5 World Languages listed below

  • Sign 65 American Sign Language I 3 Units
  • Ital 060 Elementary Italian I 5 Units
  • Frnch 060 Elementary French I 5 Units
  • Span 050 Elementary Spanish I 5 Units




13 - 15 Units