Fire Technology

Frequently Asked Questions 

Fire Technology Program

  • What careers are available for Fire Technology

  • What makes a good firefighter?

    Those who succeed as firefighters usually are seeking a career that is more than just a job, where they can make an difference in their communities. They are also motivated, with self-initiative and have a good work ethic. Being a firefighter is physically demanding, so start getting in shape now to prepare.

  • How much does the program cost?

     The current enrollment fee for California residents is Enrollment fee is $46 per unit for California residents; additional $290 per unit for non-residents. (visit the tuition and fees page for more information)  and tuition for non-residents is $237 per unit in addition to the enrollment fee of $46 per unit . Textbooks for each course will need to be purchased and the LMC Bookstore will stock books for each course immediately before each course begins. Some of our courses have lab fees; an example is EMS 10, which has lab fees between $50 and $100. Consult the LMC catalog for individual lab costs. Some other materials fees may apply. Scholarships and other forms of financial aid are available for those in financial need.

  • How long does it take to complete the Fire Technology Certificate of Achievement program?

    You can determine your own pace for completing the certificate or degree. It takes the average student 3-4 semesters to complete all of the certificate courses including the Emergency Medical Technician (EMS 10) class. The Associate of Science in Fire Technology can be completed in 2- 2 ½ years.

  • Can I transfer fire and EMS courses from other colleges to Los Medanos College?
     Classes taken at another California Community College are transferable to Los Medanos College. Classes taken at any private institution are normally not transferable. You may submit a waiver form obtained in the LMC Admissions Office in an attempt to have other classes taken at private facilities to be reviewed at LMC.
  • Does Los Medanos College provide employment assistance?
    Yes, both the Fire and Emergency Medical Services programs at LMC have strong connections with regional industry partners in fire and ambulance services. Faculty in both programs will provide you with employment leads; however, employment is not guaranteed through Los Medanos College.
  • Does Los Medanos College offer an accredited fire academy?
    Yes, LMC has a fire academy that prepares our students for the next step to becoming a firefighter. The LMC Fire Academy is accredited through the California State Fire Marshal's office. The Academy is a 15-unit program that strictly follows the State Fire Marshal's curriculum.
  • What kind of jobs can I get once I complete the program?  How much will they pay? What "demand" is expected for these jobs?


    Average Annual Salary

    Expected Regional Demand


    Forest and Conservation Technicians





    2,700 (California)



    4,900 (California)

    Building Inspector


    Faster than Average Growth

    Fire Inspectors and Investigators



  • How long will it take to complete the program?


    Time to Complete*

    A.S. in Fire Science Technology

    Two years

    Fire Protection Certificate

    Two-four semesters

    Fire Fighter One Certificate

    Two semesters

    *Based on full-time attendance or 12 units per semester


  • What are the benefits of taking these courses?

    These courses provide an education in fire protection as well as fire prevention activities. They will be most helpful in preparing you a future in the fire service. Some of them are pre-requisites for entering the LMC Fire Academy.

  • Can I transfer fire classes from other colleges?

    The California Community College system has very similar curriculum. In most cases you can transfer in units taken at another California community college. Contact LMC Counseling at 925-439-2181 ext. 3334 for an appointment.

  • How do I get more information on this program?

    Department contact information:


Fire Academy

  • What will I accomplish in the Fire Academy?

    If a student satisfactorily completes the Los Medanos College Fire Fighter I Academy, they receive an course completion certificate as well as a California State Fire Fighter One Certificate, which when coupled with a State of California EMT certificate qualifies them to test with fire departments throughout the State . Fire Academy graduates will learn the skills, knowledge and abilities to use fire service tools and equipment, such as self-contained breathing apparatus, fire service ladders, fire hose, power tools, hydraulic equipment, forcible entry and ventilation equipment, and medical equipment. Fire Academy graduates will earn the following additional certifications during the academy:

    • S-190 Introductory Wildland Fire Behavior
    • S-130 Basic Wildland Training
    • L-180 Human Factors in Wildland Firefighting
    • Auto Extrication
    • Confined Space Awareness
    • Firefighter Survival
    • Hazardous Materials Operations
    • Incident Command System 100 and 200
    • Fire Control 3B - Live Fire Training
  • Does this program have any special enrollment requirements?

    Yes, it has several pre-requisites they are:

    • Fire Tech 101,
    • Fire Tech 102,
    • A current EMT or Paramedic License and either FIRE 106 or a substitution by taking the CPAT exam which must be valid until the end of the Fire Academy.
    • A current medical release form from a physician is required in order to participate in strenuous physical activities in the Fire Academy program.
  • When is the Fire Academy offered?

    Currently the LMC Fire Academy offers a Fall Academy with hopes to add a spring academy in the future.  

  • How do I sign up for the Fire Academy?

    Students register for this class just like any other class as long as you meet the pre-requisites.


  • How many spots/seats are normally available in the Fire Academy?

    The academy normally allows between 32 and 35 cadets.

  • How should I be preparing myself for the Fire Academy?
    1. Meet the pre-requisites
    2. Mentally prepare yourself for a lot of reading, writing and critical thinking
    3. Get physically prepared for lifting, pulling, carrying, climbing using both upper and lower body muscles groups.
  • Does this program Have any special costs?

    Yes, it does. See chart below for specifics.

    Firefighter I Academy Fee Schedule  

    Registration Fee for 16 Units ( Enrollment fee is $46 per unit for California residents; additional $290 per unit for non-residents. (visit the tuition and fees page for more information)  for California residents)

    Student Union Fee and Student Activities Fee $15
    Certificates (Based upon instructor availability) $65 - $135
    Physical Training Gear and Supplies $150
    Book: Firefighter Handbook on Wildland Firefighting / Deer Press $35
    Book: Jones & Bartlett: Essentials of Firefighter Skills 3rd Ed. with ONLINE access key $223
    Academy Class “B” Uniform $80
    Academy Class “C” Uniform / Cap / Sweaters etc $50
    Black Leather Safety Boots $175
    Fall 2017 PPE Rental Fee added /Includes Structural PPE/Wildland PPE and SCBA rental, these prices are approximate and subject to change. $1,200
    Total: (Subject to change without notice ) Approximately $2500-$2750 dollars



Enrollment Fee for California Residents 

Note: The enrollment fee for California residents (as defined in the Education Code) is Enrollment fee is $46 per unit for California residents; additional $290 per unit for non-residents. (visit the tuition and fees page for more information)