Fire Technology

Fire Academy


  • Must have either a Valid NREMT/EMT certification or a Valid State of California EMT/Paramedic license PRIOR to enrollment into the Fire Academy
  • Fire 101
  • Fire 102 AND
  • FIRE 106 or a valid CPAT (Candidate Physical Agility Test) card.

Students are also required to complete a Fire Academy Physician Medical release form.


About the Fire Academy

The LMC Fire Academy is accredited by the California State Fire Marshal's Office.

The Fire Academy will provide an opportunity for cadets to excel in your pursuit of becoming a full-time career firefighter.  The Firefighter I Academy exceeds the minimum educational requirements set forth by the California State Fire Marshal's Office for state certification as a Firefighter I. This academy is an Accredited Regional Training Program approved by the California State Board of Fire Services.  The Firefighter I Academy program leads to a certificate of completion. A certificate may be earned by completion of competency requirements and 30 units of any combination of Fire Technology and Fire Academy courses with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

 The Fire Fighter 1 Academy is offered in cooperation with Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Training Center.

At this time the Fire Academy is only held during our FALL semester.

** Please note** There is a MANDATORY Pre-Fire Academy orientation.

 Any request for accommodations in a training program or for off-campus training should be referred to a DSPS counselor. Students should keep in mind that the individual institutions that host the College‚Äôs training programs may have their own rules and regulations that must be followed, and not all accommodations requested may be feasible, permissible, or reasonable. Therefore, DSPS will work together with the students, the instructor, and the on- or off-site training program to determine the appropriate accommodations and facilitate in implementing those accommodations.

Have Questions?

See Fire Academy  Frequently Asked Questions