Distance Education Committee

The Distance Education Advisory Committee serves as a recommending body on academic and professional matters regarding online education. It uses current best practices to develop and support training and professional development in online instruction.

Mission Statement 

Los Medanos College is dedicated to providing exceptional learning opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional environments to a diverse community of learners. To increase access and support student completion of certificates and degrees, the college will develop, and revise programs and services based on student need, workforce demand, institutional strength, and the ability to operate effectively and efficiently. This is accomplished through technology-ready classrooms, a common course management system, training and support of online and technology-infused pedagogy, and strategic distance education course offerings.

Distance Education Committee Charges

The objectives of the Distance Education Committee include:

  1. Review, research, and recommend policies, procedures, and strategic plans for
    distance education programs and services.

These will include:

    1. Standards for faculty teaching distance education courses.
    2. Training and support for distance education pedagogy and use of the
      learning management system and other tools.
    3. Standards and policies for student authentication.
    4. Standards for curriculum offerings at college and department level
      1. Distance Education Addendum Form
      2. Advise on wording for departmental bylaws regarding DE
      3. Advise departments about Substantive Change reporting requirements
  1. Advise the LMC DE chair of college distance education and learning
    management issues to be shared with District DE Council and DE Committee.
  2. Stay abreast of work being done at District DE Council and DE Committee (and
    other DE support committees).
  3. Examine whether the pattern of online offerings is meeting student needs and
    supporting student completion of certificates and degrees in order to make
    recommendations to the Strategic Enrollment Management.
  4. Analyze success and completion rates of online and hybrid courses to improve
    student learning and success.
  5. Develop and revise as needed the Distance Education Addendum to the Course
    Outline of Record.
  6.  Be aware of and assist in carrying out any ACCJC Actionable Improvement Plans
    related to Distance Education. 

* The preceding information is from the Distance Education Position Paper.