Men’s Basketball

Success Stories

Here's what some of our former basketball athletes are saying:

"LMC was a great choice for me because of Coach Domenichelli's system and style of coaching. Coach D will never lock any of his players up in an unwavering play system where players can’t use their true talents to win games. Coach Domenichelli and the Mustang coaching staff allow their players to use and develop each athlete's key attributes, improve upon them, and allow you to play your game while still maintaining a structured system to create a great team. Coach Domenichelli is at the top of my list as one of the greatest and coolest coaches I have met and played for. If you have the determination, skill, and dedication to becoming a great player, Coach Domenichelli will share that same determination to get you to the next level." - Kelly Wesley 

"LMC has many programs that are supportive to anybody starting on their degree.   Also, attending LMC was a great decision for me and my future.  Coach D is a great coach that not only improves basketball skills, but also improves attitudes for the real world.  A great coach with a winning mind set and great expectations.” - Joe Simpson 

"LMC was the best decision for me. Coach D runs one of the top JC programs in the state.  Coach D is a great teacher and mentor for athletes."  - Laurence Donaldson

"Coach D really prepared me for playing at the 4-year level.  He is a very knowledgeable coach and I would have never reached my potential as a player or student without his help!”  - Jordan Whittenburg

"LMC was a  great fit for me.  Coach D was an outstanding coach that not only helped us on the court, but off the court as well.  Also, he loves shooters!  He help me become a great player and always pushed me to become a great student.” - Derrick Edmonds

"I would say that LMC and playing  for Coach D was a great decision for me because this coach appreciates hard work and dedication. Also, the fast pace style of play and allowing players to be who they are was important." - Mario Ballinton/news/shelby.aspx

"Out of high school I had the choice of any JC in the Bay Area. The last coach I met was Coach D from Los Medanos. I knew it was the right school for me, and it was.  I was taken care of by the coaches like I was their son!  My game changed dramatically for the best and I met some of the greatest people going to LMC.  It’s an experience that will live with me forever!" - Eric Brown

"Los Medanos was a great choice for me because I was given the opportunity to showcase my abilities and I played for a coach that showed extreme confidence in me every night and that elevated my game.   I averaged 12 points a game in high school and, because of Coach D, it elevated my game to 19 points a game at the juco level." - Tyree Murray

 Some of our successes celebrated below: