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Becoming an athlete at Los Medanos College provides the student with a comprehensive educational experience.

The SPORT (Support Players Offering Resources to Transfer) Program offers the student athlete the opportunity to succeed both academically and athletically.


SPORT provides the following
activities and services:

Reading, writing and Math assessment for entrance to LMC can be provided for student athletes at East County high school sites. Those that are not assessed at their high schools are easily accommodated at the college itself.

The First Semester
Each incoming athlete is advised on an individual basis to plan his/her first semester’s courses based upon assessment results and high school grades.

Orientation to LMC’s services, policies and procedures is provided for the athlete. Additionally, this orientation covers athletic requirements and how these relate to other college components.

Human Services 100, Educational Strategies and Services, is a course intended for all incoming, first year athletes. The course provides the student athlete with information and teaches skills to succeed both academically and athletically. The course bridges transition from high school to college.

Continuous Academic Monitoring

Academic progress of each athlete is checked at least twice a semester. These grade reports are handled in a confidential manner, allowing the coach and advisor to be current on each player’s academic standing and to assist those who may be struggling.

Tutorial assistance can be provided to those athletes in need. This tutoring comes at no cost to the athlete.

Educational Plan

By the end of the student athlete’s first semester, the player will have an educational plan on file. This ed plan will give the student athlete a "blue print" of all courses he/she needs to take at LMC to reach his/her goals here.

Parent Orientation
An invitation is sent yearly to parents of athletes who would like to come and hear about the SPORT program provided for their athlete.

Student Athlete
Each athlete in SPORT receives a student athlete handbook which provides information about athletic eligibility, conference rules and opponents, as well as helpful academic information.

NCAA Workshops
Workshops are held for LMC athletes, parents, and community high schools to give information on what is needed to play college ball.

The Next Level
As the athlete progresses through LMC, sessions are held for the second year player to assist the prepared athlete to go on to the next level, be it out into the working world or transferring on to a four year institution. LMC has a high percentage of student athletes who successfully transition on.

provides a program which prepares the student athlete both academically and athletically. Please contact the athletic office at 439-2185 x3217 to become part of the SPORT program.