Kelsea Weber

WeberAssociate of Science in Mathematics 
Associate of Arts: Liberal Arts and Sciences, Arts and Humanities
Currently at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo studying mathematics and teaching 

I struggled with math all my life. It wasn't until I came to LMC and was shown my true potential that my love for math began to grow. My experience with LMC’s math program was very inspiring and motivating. The faculty’s clear and effective teaching methods and eagerness to help supported me throughout my time at the college. The incredible experience of working as a math lab tutor at the LMC Brentwood Center inspired me to major in math education. 

My goal is to teach remedial math courses at the middle school or high school level and do research focusing on math education. Eventually, I plan to earn my masters in either education or math education and teach at a community college. I want to give students the same support and motivation to succeed in math classes that the LMC math faculty gave me.