Students to Speak at the Honors Research Symposium

This year will be the 12th annual Honors Research Symposium event by the Bay Honors Consortium where honors students Thyra Cobbs, Rachel Dean, Madison Fanucchi, Chance Nelson, James Richards, and Dale Satre of Los Medanos College will take part.

Honors Symposium graphicLos Medanos College Honors Students have been participating in this honorable event since it began, in 2007.  This year, on May 4th, 2019, Honors students will present their original work at Stanford University. They are being recognized for their valuable and original research on an array of topics that include; education, literature, psychology, philosophy, archeology, and economics. This prestigious event encompasses the inspiration of honors students from different community colleges across California that represent the future researchers, scholars, and leaders in our communities.

The honors program, directed by Jennifer Saito, revolves around challenging highly motivated students with curriculum in different areas of study. The program helps students develop their academic skills in preparation for higher level education. While the honors courses are challenging, the program pushes students to step outside the box and understand topics from different learning perspectives. Research is key in these subject specific honors courses.

The honors program includes an honors center for students enrolled in advanced courses, guidance from honors instructors, and counselor Luis Morales for specialized support ensuring student success.

Los Medanos Colleges is proud to recognize the hard work and determination behind all of the research conducted by our honors students that will be presented at this honorable forum of knowledge. Their contribution is essential to continue inspiring others to learn of the past, understand the present, and envision the future.   

Students & topics of discussion:

CobbsThyra Cobbs 

Thyra researched best practices and effectiveness of the Umoja (meaning unity) programs in Northern California with recommendations to meet the African American student needs for an improved graduation rate. As an active member of the Umoja club at LMC, she has analyzed the strengths and room for improvements. Her experience, drive, and ambition are the perfect concoction to empower others in her community, and make a difference.

DeanRachel Dean


Dean researched bibliotherapy as a technique to treat dysfunctional parentification by exploring the Twilight Saga, resulting in therapeutic activities she created with established bibliotherapy practices. By understanding what parentification entails, she is contributing ideas to overcome this and improve relationships abroad.

FanucciMadison Fanucci


Fanucci tackled ethical behavior by researching philosophical framework for determining the morality of discussing others outside their presence. She centered her framework on truthfulness, consequences, respect, and intent. She brings light to a topic not many openly acknowledge or talk about. Coincidentally, with her vision for positive for communication, she aspires to be a sign language interpreter.

NelsonChance Nelson

Nelson is 
an air force veteran, explored the outdoors using modern technology to capture historical spaces in an affordable, non-invasive way. Dubbing this exploration style as guerrilla archeology, he will go forward and share his research methods and exhibit why 360° methods are favorable. He is an artist, aimed to capture archaeological artwork and the locations from a very unique perspective. 

RichardsJames Richards

Richards has analyzed the literary work revolved around Russian Orthodox theology. He gained an understanding of how religion has influenced literature, and connected ethical dilemmas raised by advancements in modern technology. He linked Dostoevsky’s religious faith to the narrator’s views of the progress made by today’s society. Counselors Tiffany Welter and Jill Buettner were a great asset to his success by pushing him to aim high to his full potential. He plans to attend law school and become a lawyer one day.

SatreDale Satre


Satre, an Army veteran, dove into economics regarding monetary policies of North and South Korea. His passion for a reunification of the two Koreas drove his research, reading multiple journals and translating those into original economic models. He has had a passion for finance since middle school, and aims to be a financier in the future. He loves to travel, and recommends it to all for its best return on the investment.

Visit the Honors Program website to learn how the program can benefit you in your academic pursuits.