Callid Banks


banksCallid Banks

Associate of Science in Biological Sciences and Mathematics ‘13 LMC Instructional Assistant, Biological Sciences
Transferred to UC Davis

Studying biology at LMC was an amazing experience. The professors and faculty are very passionate and the combination of unique personalities along with the energy and enthusiasm make the learning experience all the more enjoyable. They really go above and beyond to facilitate student success. In addition, there are great support services like peer tutoring providing one-on-one assistance. Often I would grab some friends and get together in a group to study.

I transferred to UC Davis in Fall 2013.  While at LMC, I developed deep interest for genetics and that drive has taken me where I am today. Although I’m busy with studies at UC Davis, I also am an instructional assistant at LMC. It has been very fulfilling working with the students and faculty of the Biology Department.