Summer Dates

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Summer Semester Calendar


Continuing Students

Students who have been enrolled at LMC Spring 2024, Summer 2023 , or Fall 2023

Returning students

Students who have missed more than one academic year; will need to reapply online.

New matriculating students

Students who have completed the orientation, assessment and education planning.

New non-matriculating students

Students who choose not to participate in orientation, assessment and education planning. Students will have a lower registration date.

Exempt students

Students who have an associate degree or higher can apply for an exemption by supplying transcripts showing the degree. This exemption will post assessment complete. In order to obtain a higher registration priority, students must also take the orientation and create an education plan.


  • Registration for classes after the course begins is on a space-available basis and will require add authorization.  Students may enroll once add authorization is given on InSite. Students must be enrolled by the last day to add the course.
  • FINAL EXAMS:  are scheduled by the instructors and are generally held on the last day of instruction.
  • InSite, Student Planning, Mobile App registration is available daily up to midnight the day before the class section begins.
  • NOTE:  Short-term course drop dates and pass/no-pass dates are calculated individually by course based on the specific number of meeting days; therefore, these dates are not included in this calendar. Add/drop, refund eligibility, and pass/no-pass dates are listed on InSite under the “My Schedule” tile.
  • Reminder:  To receive a refund for a summer course, students must drop the course within 10% of the total class meetings, which in most cases, during the summer, is the first class meeting.  See refund and drop dates in InSite under the “My Schedule” tile. Students can also view schedule and drop dates using their InSite.
  • Students will receive an email schedule prior to the start of the term/class. This email schedule will show applicable drop dates.