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LMC Lifelong Learning Adult Lectures

Lifelong Learning Adult Lectures are fee-based, not-for-credit classes on specialized topics that are designed for personal growth and enrichment for attendees. Lectures are taught by individuals who are experts in their field and passionate about the topics they are addressing. Classes are typically 2 hours in length and are taught on a variety of subjects including history, economics, art, politics, current events and more. Classes may be presented on the main college campus in Pittsburg, at the Brentwood Center or on Zoom.

Proposing a Course:

LMC Community & Contract Education staff will review your completed Course Proposal Form and notify you by phone or email if it is approved. Keep in mind that the process for review can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks depending on the date of your submission.

Consideration will be given to the appropriateness of the subject, its relevance to the mission of the program, availability of facilities, your qualifications, etc. Our intent is to offer a varied, balanced program that meets the needs and interests of the mature adult population. Classes shall not be used to promote political positions or candidates nor to sell or promote products or services.


Part- and full-time faculty, as well as non-LMC employees, are compensated per Contra Costa Community College District Salary Schedule Appendix C-8, College Program Assistant VII, Range 1009, at an hourly rate of $80.72. Any lecture/course with fewer than ten paid registrations is subject to cancellation.

Individuals participating in not-for-credit Community Education instruction may wish to contribute compensation towards Los Medanos College Foundation scholarships and/or program needs. We invite you to contribute your time, talent, and passion in a way that is both meaningful and rewarding to you.


Community & Contract Education Lifelong Learning Adult Lecture Series Course/Lecture Proposal

If you have questions, you may contact: