Career Advancement Academy Frequently Asked Questions

image of EBCAA How do I get more information?

For information and an application go to

or contact Melissa Keane,, (925) 473-7416 or Dave Wahl, 473-7415.


What courses are included?


Bridge to Electrical Technology Schedule:
Course Title Section Instructor Days Hours Room Dates
ETEC-009 ETEC Mathematics 0402 P. Martucci TTH 5:30-6:50PM CC2-255 01/23-05/24

College Success


C. Santana W 2:30-3:50pm CC2-255 01/23-05/24
ETEC-010 Direct Current Circuits 0405 S. Navarro



CC2-228/255 01/22-03/22
ETEC-012 Alternating Current Circuits 0418 S. Navarro MTWTH 7-10:10pm CC2-228/255 04/2-05/24



Can I take just take the ETEC 010 and ETEC 012 class?

No, sorry. In order to be a part of the ETEC Career Advancement Academy for spring 2018 you are required to take all four of the classes that are listed above. There are sections of ETEC 10 and ETEC 12 open to all students. Check WebAdvisor for available space.  


How much will the program cost me?

All student fees, including books and supplies are provided, in part, by a grant from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.


If I decide to continue in the ETEC Program, will the grant pay for my schooling?

No, the grant is for the Acamedy only. Financial Aid may be available if you wish to continue.


How do I know if I’m qualified?

You must be a California resident, able to work in the United States and have passed Algebra I with a grade of C- or better. An unofficial high school or college transcript is required.


How to get started:


  • Apply to Los Medanos College:

If you are a new or returning student (who has been away from LMC for more than one semester) please go to to apply to be a student at LMC. Please complete steps 1-4 found on the registration page using the link above. If accepted into the Career Academy, you will then complete step 5 to register for the Career Academy classes.


Once you have completed the college application process you will be issued a student ID number through an email within 24 hours. If you have questions feel free to call the Admissions & Records office at (925) 473-7495.


  • Complete the Career Advancement Academy Application:

Please click HERE to begin the electronic spring 2018 application.

  • Register to attend the Informational Session:

Please click HERE to sign up for a free Informational Session. During this meeting you will learn about the ETEC Program and what the Academy has to offer.