Brothers of Excellence Program (BOEP)

The Beginning of Excellence in all you do!


The 6 Success Factors of BOEP

  • Direction:

    Upon joining the program voluntarily, BOEP students will be encouraged and supported in setting their academic goals and developing an education plan to achieve them.

  • Focus:

    Each semester, BOEP students will meet bi-weekly as a group with the BOEP coordinator and possible guest speakers. These meetings are designed to mentor and support BOEP students in staying on track to meet their short-term (course completion) and long-term (graduate/transfer) goals and help them overcome barriers along the way.

  • Nurture:

    BOEP will manifest LMC‘s “Family” atmosphere, where students feel supported, wanted, encouraged, and valued with a college dedicated to helping them succeed.

  • Engage:
    BOEP students are encouraged to participate in class, extracurricular, and community activities.
  • Connect:
    BOEP will support students in feeling that they are an integral piece of LMC’s community, connected through active participation in academic programs, campus events, and meetings.
  • Value:
    Through personal development activities, BOEP students will use their skills, talents, abilities, and experiences to contribute on campus and feel their contributions are appreciated.