Associated Students of Los Medanos College

Students advocating for students

Associated Students of Los Medanos College

Join student governmentWe are currently seeking applicants to join the Associated Students. If you are interested, please complete and submit an application for one of the positions below.


If you have any questions, come by the Office of Student Life (GA Building), call us at (925) 473-7554, or email Teresea Archaga (Advisor) at

Student Senator: Application and Requirements

DEADLINE HAS PASSED FOR FALL 2019--- Hope to see you in Spring 2020!

Requirements to JOIN LMCAS

  1. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better & be enrolled in 5 or more units.
  2. A completed application packet.
  3. Attend 1 LMCAS Senate Meeting.
  4. Get interviewed and then appointed by the Student Senate!
  5. Attend an Orientation.

Student Representative: Application and Requirements

Download the Representative Application