New Student Workshop

During the mandated shelter-in-place, Los Medanos College is here to help with support and information. The Assessment & Early Registration Workshops will resume shortly. We thank you for your patience. For best service, email us at or leave us a message at (925) 473-7438.

Assessment Course Registration Workshop (ACR)

This workshop is designed for first-time college students needing assistance registering for their first semester courses

At the Assessment Course Registration Workshop (ACR) you will:

  • Complete and/ or review your math/ English course recommendations
  • Learn how your major or career goal influences which math course you take
  • Learn how to use the InSite educational planning tool
  • Place your English and/or math class on your educational plan
  • Place courses on to your educational plan
  • Identify classes for your first semester
  • Register for your English and/or math class

Sign-up for an ACR Workshop

Pittsburg Campus

December 2020

 (Zoom Meeting ID will be sent to INSite Email up to 1 hour Prior to Appt time)

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ACR 2:00pm

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ACR 12:00pm


ACR 2:00pm

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ACR 12:00 pm



ACR 2:00 pm

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Brentwood Campus 

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 Other Options

 Returning Students:

  • Make a counseling appointment to revise an existing plan when returning to LMC so that, together, you can verify your plan and/or make any needed changes.

Personal Enrichment Students: 

  • Create an Education Plan on your own without the assistance of a counselor, using the online Student Planning tool found on InSite (not recommended).

Note: If you are attending college for personal enrichment or taking a few classes to improve job skills, the workshop and education plan are not mandatory, but are required to receive priority registration.