Institutional Development for Equity & Access


At the regularly scheduled meeting on March 2016, the Shared Governance Council (SGC) approved the 2017-2018 charges for the IDEA Committee:

  • Reviewing institutional language with an equity lens.
  • Identifying diversity issues on campus and expanding student awareness and understanding of the value of being a part of a diverse college community.  Strategies and methods include campus-wide surveys, focus groups and a response team to address current social justice events.
  • Conduct an equity analysis of LMC programs.  A campus inventory include staffing, types and amounts of funding, physical space allocation, students served, etc. as a tool to advance equity on campus.
  • Provide recommendations to College President on awarding Student Equity Plan Mini-Grants

Currently IDEA is focused on the following projects:

  • Equity Mini-Grants: Developing a process for applying and administering this particular funding from the Student Equity Plan.
  • Institutional Language: Examining various LMC documents and policies with an eye toward language that is inclusive and promotes diversity.
  • IDEA Support Analysis: Identify and prioritize the needs of the IDEA committee to ensure that it is adequately supported to be successful in its mission.
  • Infusing Equity Into the Planning Processes of the College
  • Collaborating with the Campus EEO Committee