Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)

Eligibility Requirements for EOPS:

  • California residency
  • Enrollment in 12 units or more each semester
  • Meet income requirements (i.e. BOG eligible under methods A or B)
  • Have completed LESS than 70 degree applicable units
  • Meet educational disadvantage criteria

**Admissions is limited and based on the number of continuing students that return to EOPS. We have limited slots available for each intake session and must close intake dates when the EOPS program is full. If you miss the intake timeline, you may apply for the following available intake/semester.


EOPS Services


Priority registration

Personal, Academic, & Career counseling

Summer academy

Peer mentors

Educational grants

Transfer & Career workshops

EOPS Scholarships

Calculator loans

Stress relief activities

Networking opportunities

Stack of books


Graduation cap & gown

Staff support

Textbook support

UC & CSU application fee waiver

Transfer field trips


Student advocacy - leadership

Student work opportunities

Academic enrichment

Supplies & Survival kits