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Club Lists

  • Active Clubs


    Inter Club Council (I.C.C.)

    The Interclub Council is the coordinating body for all clubs and organizations on campus. It is a voluntary organization which promotes engagement in community college activities, and all LMC Clubs are eligible to participate. Website

    ICC Advisor
    Teresea Archaga
    Meetings: 4th Tuesday of the month Fall 2020

    Advancing Towards Achievement

    The purpose of ATA shall be to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere in which students can engage in activities (both on and off campus) that will create avenues of discovery and knowledge within the STEM field as well as to promote professionalism through student networking and community partnerships among members.
    Advisor for Advancing Towards Achievement 
    George Perdizet
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    African American Literacy

    The club's purpose is to increase awareness of the historical and contemporary literary contributions made by African Americans. The objective of the club is to enlighten students about the abundance of African American authors/novelists and poets as well as encourage critical thinking and creativity.
    Advisor for African American Literacy
    Jamila Stewart
    Fall Meetings: TBD


    Allies, Los Medanos College's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendergender (LGBT) Alliance, provides information, support and community for gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer and questioning people in the LMC area, and for their straight family and friends. Allies meetings and events offer a safe, friendly and inclusive place and time for our community to convene. Allies

    Advisor for Allies
    Catt Wood
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Art Club

    We make an effort to create a sanctuary for inspiring artists by meeting with other people who share the same dream, which is living a life full of art!

    Advisor for Art Club
    Eric Sanchez
    Fall  Meetings: TBD

    Asian Pacific Islander Club (A.P.I.)

    The API Club is designed to help students who are their learning experience at LMC, educate the campus community about Asian Pacific Islander culture, and to make friends who are interested in the Asian Pacific Islander culture. 

    Advisor for API
    Jennifer Ma
    Fall Meetings: TBD


    The purpose of the Astronomy club is to have  a place where people with an interest in astronomy can gather and learn more together through research and experiments. Our objective is to expand our and the student body's understanding of astronomy.
    Advisor for Astronomy
    Scott Cabral
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Black Student Union (B.S.U.)

    The purpose of the Black Student Union (BSU) is to provide and promote economic, political and academic enrichment, and develop unity among Black students at LMC.
    Advisor for BSU
    Jamila Stewart
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Christ Crucified

    Our purpose is to glorify God by making disciples who will impact every area of the world for Christ
    Advisor of Christ Crucified
    Julius Ojewole
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Circle K

    The purpose of this club is to assist members in developing leadership skills, promoting meaningful service while helping others, working with local organizations, and providing opportunities to utilize skills.
    Advisor for Circle K
    Edward Beanes
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Computer Science Club

    It shall be the Purpose of this Organization to provide students with a place to foster a culture of learning within the Computer Science and engineering community of Los Medanos College, and to encourage members to seek out opportunities to expand their knowledge. In addition, students will be able to develop and fine-tune their skills.
    Advisor for Computer Science
    Rick Estrala
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Delta Robotics

    To promote STEM education and prepare students for the newly evolving jog market preparing students with the fundamental skills in order to develop their skills for Silicoa Valley and help make our community a better place
    Advisor for Delta Robotics
    Mahnaz Firauzi
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Guardians of the Lake

    Our purpose is to promote appreciation of the LMC campus lake and its animal inhabitants and to disseminate knowledge about campus wildlife, our local ecosystem, and the nature and needs of domesticated animals that are dumped on our campus each semester.
    Advisor for  Guardians of the Lake
    Catt Wood
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Honors Club

    Established to add a social and community service dimension to the Honors Transfer Program at LMC. The Honors  Club works towards enriching the community with intellectual and artistic activities, to provide mentoring and tutoring programs for all LMC students, and to serve the community through outreach programs.
    Advisor for Honors Club
    Jennifer Saito
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Hyphae Club

    The Hyphae Club was created in the purpose in preserving the Nature Preserve at Los Medanos College. As a club we care to help the environment, while improving our natural selves.
    Advisor for Hyphae Club
    Melissa Pon
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    International Students Club

    International Students Club is designed to provide a social and interactive component that may lead to cultural awareness and understanding as well as support multicultural experiences to the campus community.
    Advisor for International Students Club
    Teresea Archaga
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    La Raza Unida Club

    Works to unify Latino students at LMC in order to create and promote Latino students through awareness and community service.
    Advisor for La Raza Unida
    Marco Godinez
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Latinx Leadership Network

    Advocate Latin rights. Help Latinx individuals attain access through academic and strong support systems. Provide a mentorship platform to enable successful latinx students to mentor incoming students at Los medanos.
    Advisor for Latinx
    Carla Rosas
    Fall Meetings:TBD

    Los Medanos College Associated Students (L.M.C.A.S.)

    We, the students of Los Medanos College in order to provide an official and representative student organization, to investigate student problems and take appropriate action, to provide the official voice through which student opinion may be expressed, to encourage the development of responsible student participation in the overall policy and decision making process of the College community, to foster an awareness of the student’s role in the academic community, to enhance the quality and scope of education at the College, and to provide means for responsible and effective participation in the organization of student affairs, do ordain and establish this Bylaw for the Associated Students of Los Medanos College.
    Advisor for LMCAS
    Teresea Archaga
     Fall Meetings: Mondays 1:00-3:00 PM   Via Zoom

    LMC Cheer

    The Purpose of our group is to perform at football and basketball games to hype up the crowd
    Advisor for LMC Cheer
    Milissa Payre Bradly
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Los Medanos Soccer Club

    The Purpose of this club is for college students to have an after school activity where we all ger to learn about more about each other and make new friends and connections, as well as enjoying the sport of soccer.
    Advisor for Soccer Club
    Julio Guerrero-Gonzalez
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Mustang Ambassador Club (M.A.C.)

    The purpose and objective of this organization is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for Student Ambassadors and student leaders to further expand their leadership skills. we aspire to build social networking at LMC and in the surrounding community through Outreach, Programming (such as Senior Saturdays, High School visits, etc.) and fundraising.
    Advisor of MAC
    Ninnette alfaro
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Media Organizing Via Entertainment (M.O.V.E.)

    The purpose of this organization is to develop and provide opportunieis for students to participate in community services within performance oriented activies in a sefe environment and raising social conscientiousness, through historical lens and current events via media, and the arts.
    Advisor for MOVE
    Marco Godinez
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Mock Trial Team

    LMC Mock is designed to help students prepare to think on their feet. Our goal is to train and hone skills in argumentation with an ultimate goal to compete and gain experience in the court of law.
    Advisor for Mock Trial
    Adrianna Simone
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    RN Class of 2021

    The purpose of this club is to uphold the standards of our predecessors by continuing the established traditions set forth by previous registered nursing student by. Fostering an educational environment that is positive, supportive, and accommodating. Upholding and expanding a reputation of clinical and academic excellence. Promotion class spirit. Bringing a voice to the need, concerns, and interests of its student members. Providing equal opportunities for each member to be involved within the club with respect to their wishes and time availability. Presenting a positive contribution to our community.
    Advisor for RN Class 2021
    Joanne Bent
    Fall: Meeting: TBD

    Rotaract Club

    The purpose of this Club shall be to provide an opportunity for Los Medanos College (LMC) student to augment the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations among all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service. 
    Advisor for Rotaract Club
    Bill Bankhead
    Fall Meetings: TBD


    We want to give students an opportunity for extracurricular activity while preparing members for the professional world via mentorship, raising social conscientiousness, and instilling values of mutual respect as well as honest communication. We foster this mission through theatre and community service.
    Advisor for Shenanigans
    Nick Garcia
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (S.A.C.N.A.S.)

    Society of scientists dedicated to fostering the success of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists- from college students to professionals- to attain advance degrees, pursue careers and positions of leadership in science.
    Advisor for SACNAS
    Nicole Trager
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Student Nursing Association (S.N.A.)

    The purpose of SNA is to promote awareness of current public health issues, encourage safety in the community, and additional information that current and prospective nursing students will find useful in current and future education.

    Advisor for SNA
    Colin McDowell
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Umoja Leadership Collective (U.L.C.)

    The purpose of the ULC is to encourage, develop and strengthen the leadership skills of students - especially students of African descent and Umoja Scholars- and to positively impact the communities of these students.

    Advisor for ULC
    Jamila Stewart
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    United by Dreams

    The purpose of United By Dreams is to bring awareness about undocumented students at Los Medanos College and our community. We also wish to develop leadership and create a safe space for inclusivity.
    Advisor for United by Dreams
    Elizabeth Ramirez
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Veteran's Club

    The purpose and objective of the LMC Student Veteran's Club is to provide information, resources, and comradery to vete rans and service members of the U.S. military attending LMC.

    Advisor for Student Veteran's Club
    Diane Ferguson
    Fall Meetings: TBD

    Women in STEM (W.I.N.S.)

    Our goal is to encourage and support women who are pursuing or wish to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.
    Advisor for WINS
    Melinda Capes
    Fall Meetings: TBD
  • Inactive Clubs: Club Constitutions available in the Office of Student Life


    Against All Odds- Multicultural Club

    Established to be a vehicle for multi-cultural artistic, political, social expression and communication

    American Medical Student Association (A.M.S.A.)

    We promote, encourage, and maintain a cohesive relationship with the students of Los Medanos College. Our mission is to inform and involve students in the medical and heath education fields.

    American Red Cross Club

    The club saw a need to share the humanitarian spirit that is unique to the Red Cross. It wished to answer the humanitarian needs of the school. Emergency Preparedness Education was offered through the club

    American Welder's Association

    The objective of the American Welder's Association was to provide practical learning through field trips and educational lectures.

    Applied Science Club- Science Research

    The club was formed to inform LMC Students about scientific fields and to provide extra opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real world situations.

    Brother to Sister Alliance

    The purpose of B2SA was to offer mentoring and tutorial support to all youth in the community, as well as serve as a positive influence to lead productive lifestyles.

    Business Club of LMC

    The mission of the club is to engage with students who are passionate about business and how it impacts communities.

    California Association of WOKE Students (C.A.W.S.)

    Activist group that focused on public affairs to bring together students of all cultural, social, and political ideologies in order to foster a community that is "woke".

    Chemistry Club

    Bring together students with a common interest of chemistry. Participate in experimental learning and to make chemistry enjoyable outside of the classroom.

    Chicano/Latino Engineering Medical Association (C.L.E.M.A.)

    To help and support Latinos in the Medical and Engineering fields.

    Christian Fellowship

    The purpose of this organization is to provide Christian fellowship on campus, create awareness of the Christian precepts, and integrate a Christian viewpoint into the college and community.

    Club of the Living Dead-Movie Watchers

    The club assembled out of appreciation for zombie, horror, and sci-fi movies and participate in related activities together.

    Club Connect Christian Fellowship

    The purpose of Connect is to develop fellowship with fellow club members in a Christ centered environment.

    Come & Learn Calculus (C.A.L.C.)

    Created to provide additional support to students participating in calculus. In addition, they desired to provide stress relief activities to those students experiencing stress as they go through calculus.

    Dreamcast Fashion Club

    The goal is to encourage LMC to offer fashion classes and to further student's passion for fashion.

    Distinguished Brothers of Purpose

    Distinguished Brothers of Purpose goal was to provide men opportunities to utilize their talents and resources to reach out and serve as positive contributors to the community, high schools, campus, and universities through collaboration, education, and active engagement.

     Emergency Care Association: Public Safety

    Foster and promote the understanding and professionalism of emergency care personnel including first responders, EMT, and mobile intensive care paramedics.

     Empowerment for Success (E.F.S.)

     Promotes entrepreneurship and self management as well as to provide motivation in the form of historical and current events, media, and the arts.

     Engineering Tech (E.T.)

     Created for students who are interested in engineering to put knowledge into practical use.

    Freakin Awesome College Events (F.A.C.E.)

    The purpose of this club was to host enjoyable social events that brought people together. The goal was to keep students motivated to return to school.

    Free Thinkers Club

    Encouraged free thinking, secularism, and rationality in all public affairs. Worked to defend their nation against the Religious Right and those who attach church and state separation, deny civil liberties, or oppose religious freedom of all Americans.

    Freedom Ink

    The purpose of Freedom Ink was to produce an influx of awareness-conscious, passionate, critical, independent thought (by any means necessary). Produced a publication "Freedom Papers".

    Gathering of Disciples (G.O.D.)

    Purpose was to establish a group and to have a place on the LMC campus to worship God through bible studies and to minister to other people.

     HBCU Transfer Club

     The purpose of the HBCU Club is to provide a community to support students who are interested in transferring to Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCU).

    Hidden Treasures, Catholic Students of LMC

    The purpose of the club was to provide LMC Students with an opportunity to have a moment during the week to stop and deepen in life, to learn how to pray with the Word of God and discover the hidden "treasure" inside themselves.

    International Society of Automation Club

    Industry organization affiliated with the ETEC program of Los Medanos College.

    Knights, Queens, and Kings Chess Club

    The purpose of this club was to grow the skills through practice while maintaining the integrity and respect for self and for others.

    Latter Day Saint Student Association

    Established by the Antioch Institute of Religion to help students attending college or university to have a balanced secular and spiritual educational experience during their years of formal education.

    Lambda Eta Omega (L.E.O.)

    The purpose in LEO is to give persons in leadership positions with clubs and other student organizations the opportunity to come together for fellowship, friendship, and self-improvement. Designed to support collaboration, share ideas that benefit each other, as well as the LMC campus community.

    LMC Cheer Squad

    Support, strengthen, and raise attendance at athletic competitions and games on behalf of the Athletic Department.

    Love World Campus Fellowship

    Love World Campus Fellowship was made up of a diverse group of students that love God and dedicated their lives to reach other young people in the world.

    Lyricist Lounge

    The purpose of the club was to embrace the Hip Hop culture by expression of artful freestyle rap and by hosting events that coincide with the tenants of Hip Hop.

    Mental Graffiti

    The purpose of the club was to encourage the study of writing and publication through exploration of different types of writing art, opportunity to post their work on the Internet and share their talent.

    Mighty Mustangs Fitness Club

    Purpose is to promote health and fitness by introducing a healthier lifestyle filled with exercise and nutritional knowledge.

    Music Knights

    The purpose of this club is to unite instrumentalists in order to increase awareness and appreciation of classical music.

    Muslim Student Association (M.S.A.)

    The main purpose of the M.S.A. is to expand the knowledge of Islam to every individual a part from the club. An accomplishment would be to teach and have individuals understand Islam and the history of Islam.

    Nature-Sustainability Club

    The vision of the Nature Club will be to benefit the LMC community and local ecosystems, in ways that members see fit. The goal is to create community services projects which attempt to benefit local wildlife, nature preserves, and regional/national parks.

    Newly United Blacks Initiating Achievement Now (N.U.B.I.A.N.)

     The purpose of this organization shall be to unite students of color in initiating achievement now and to create opportunities for students of color to achieve all goals.

    Single Parents Club

     Is a support group for single parents who attend Los Medanos College. 

    Skool House Rox

    An organization developed to provide opportunities for students to create, develop, and participate in performance oriented activities and events in a safe environment.

    Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (S.H.P.E.)

    The purpose was to increase the number of Hispanic students in the engineering program at LMC.

    Soldiers of Christ

    Established to point out false teachings and misinterpretations of postings around campus, and to establish the truth.

     STEM Enrichment Initiative

     Created for students to have a form to present their independent research in a professional setting similar to orchestrated research internships.

    Student Transfer Achievement Representatives (S.T.A.Rs)

    Designed to create community building activities that provide opportunities for a well rounded education for students ready to transfer.

    Students with a Testimony (S.w.a.T.)

    To provide opportunities for ministry, work, and purpose of Jesus Christ. Purpose was to teach students at LMC the importance of Jesus Christ in their lives.

    The Mighty Pens

    Supports and helps to promote the works of student writers.

    The Ready Writers Anonymous

    The purpose was to develop the talents of Recording Artists, Song Writers, Screen Writers, and Play Writes, Dancers, Actors, Musicians, Photographers, and Producers.

    The Voyagers Travel Club

    To promote careers in the travel industry.

    Tutors Inc.

    Create a connection between the student body and the tutoring program for the purpose of obtaining feedback, raise awareness of the tutoring program, and to host events where the student body not only has a chance to have fun and get prizes, but also to be able to show more of their academics.

     What is it?

     Was a faith driven club for students who seek more than what this world has to offer. It's goal was to create a place where they have the opportunity to learn from peers, find ways to be better every day.


Clubs can be contacted in writing to:

Los Medanos College
(Insert Club Name)
Office of Student Life
2700 E. Leland Road
Pittsburg CA 94565

Call  Student Life Office (925) 473-7554 for more information.