Forklift, Logistics, Operations & Warehouse

F.L.O.W. Program

F.L.O.W. into Great Jobs!

Forklift, Logistics, Operations & Warehouse (FLOW) is a growing field in the Bay Area - the Contra Costa Logistics Center recently opened in Oakley, creating over 2 million square feet of new space and an estimated 1800 new jobs!

This 3-course program will qualify you to join this exciting, active field. As they say, Safety First! Your first class covers general safety, health risks, and the basics of hazardous materials. Upon successfully completing this OSHA 10 course, you will receive a course completion card for general industry, a big edge in getting hired.

Next, your Warehouse course will cover operations, security, material handling, and inventory management.

In the third class, you’ll learn to safely operate a variety of forklifts. LMC offers both behind-the-wheel training and practice on a cutting-edge simulator.

You’ll be ready to pass the OSHA Forklift certification exam and start driving immediately. Participants who earn the FLOW certificate at LMC will hold an edge in getting jobs in the forklift and logistics field.

Los Medanos College Noncredit Certificate of Completion 

  • Warehouse Operations

    LOGIS-010N: Warehouse Operations

    Hours: 72

    Catalog Description: This course is an introduction to warehouse operations including facility location and operation, security,materials handling, inventory management, and productivity improvement and measurement.

  • Forklift Operations

    LOGIS-012N: Forklift Operation

    Hours: 48

    Catalog Description: This course is designed to prepare students for employment as forklift operators. Course content covers forklift driving with training in forklift operation, workplace safety, and daily maintenance practices. Training is provided in accordance with Cal OSHA standards.

  • Hazardous Materials OSHA 10 General Industry Occupational Safety

    LOGIS-014N: Hazardous Materials and OSHA 10 General Industry Occupational Safety

    Hours: 14

    Catalog Description: This course covers basic hazardous material handling and principles of health and safety in general industry. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and how they are applied to general industry work sites will be covered.


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