Computer Drop-In Lab - Lab Rules

Computer Lab

The following rules apply to the Drop-in Lab, room CO-200:

The following lab rules are enforced in order to keep the Drop-in Lab clean, and in excellent working condition. Students using the Drop-in Lab are expected to follow the rules at all times. These rules are also posted in the lab as a reminder to all students who use the computers for research and to complete homework assignments:

  • NO loud talking, singing, or humming.
  • NO food or open drink containers. Bottled water or capped drinks are fine.
  • NO viewing of inappropriate materials / websites.
  • NO children (unless they are currently enrolled and taking classes at LMC).
  • NO phone conversations. Step outside the lab to talk on your phone. Phones should be muted to limit disruptions to students working on assignments.
  • NO software installation unless specified by instructor.