Course Outlines of Record

History (HIST) 

Course # Course Title
HIST-029 United States History Until 1865
HIST-030 United States History from 1865
HIST-031 California History
HIST-033 Historians: Their Worlds and Their Craft
HIST-034 Western Inheritance in Global Perspective: Ancient World History
HIST-035  Western Inheritance in Global Perspective: Modern World History
HIST-038 Contemporary U.S. History
HIST-039 Ancient World History:  People and Their Governance Until 1500 C.E.
HIST-040 Modern World History:  People and Their Governance From 1500 C.E.
HIST-046 History of Native Americans to 1830
HIST-047 History of Native Americans since 1830
HIST-052 Mexican American History (from 1900 to the Present_
HIST-055 History of Sexuality in North America
HIST-056 History of American Women to 1877
HIST-057 History of American Women since 1877
HIST-060 History of African-Americans to 1865
HIST-061 History of African-Americans since 1865

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