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Planning & Institutional Effectiveness



strategic planning process 2014

Preparing for Strategic Planning

SWOT Analysis 2013

Strategic Planning Retreat #1 - Monday February 24, 2014 (LMC Community)

This retreat built on the Opening Day breakout sessions. Input from the breakouts provided initial concepts for the Word Map below. The Powerpoint from the retreat is available below.

Strategic Planning Retreat #2 - Monday March 3, 2014 (External Community)

This retreat built on the first retreat and gathered ideas from the communities we serve.

Strategic Planning Input Survey (March 2014)

In order to get the widest possible LMC Community input, we encouraged those who could not attend the Strategic Planning Retreats to complete a survey. The results of the Strategic Planning Input Survey are included in the link below.

Strategic Planning Retreat #3 - Friday March 28, 2014 (LMC Community)

Gathering all the input from the previous two retreats, this final retreat will lead to drafting the Strategic Directions for the next five years.