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Art Department

Art for the real world

Art Gallery

Los Medanos Art Gallery Showings

LMC Student Art Show 2014


Exhibition Dates:
Tuesday January 13th to Thursday, February 5th, 2015.

Thursday January 15th 4-6pm. Awards ceremony at 5pm.


2015 Los Medanos College Student Art Exhibition

Student art
Mark Baker Sanchez, 2014

Samantha Becerra

Adriana Benitez Juror’s Award for Advertising Art

Zachery Gardner Juror’s Award for Animation

Guillermo Duarte Jr.

Sara Mendoza

Barbara Lane Juror’s Award for Design Drawing

Melissa Oliveros

Martina Miranda

Stephanie Doty

Angel Arreola

Stephanie Valenzuela Art Guild of the Delta Award for 2D Artwork

Peter Quichis

Nicole Vreeland Juror’s Award for Drawing

Ali Cameron

Lorianne Mayo

Tali Menacho

Monica Montero

Shelby LaFond

Angelica Gutierrez Juror’s Award for Sculpture

Mark Baker Sanchez Juror’s Award for Graphic Design

Chris Bonner

Adriana Benitez

Demetra Buggs

Zachary Gardner Art Guild of the Delta Award for Graphic Design

Sonya Kreiden

Leslie Rickard

George Tompkins

Talia Menacho

Jamila Brown

Julee Richardson Juror’s Award for Ceramics, Art Guild of the Delta Award for 3D Artwork

Serena Cain

Zach Marawala

Tori Lawson Juror’s Award for Photography

Dominque Lewis

Kathleen Madrid Juror’s Award for Painting

Sacramento Cornejo

Katrina Sherokee Butler Juror’s Award for Digital Art

David Bonilla Art Guild of the Delta Award for Photography

Categories (Awards given in each category)
Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, Animation, Digital Art and Advertising Art


Juror’s Statement


The jury process is inherently subjective as there are many ways to perceive and interact with artwork. I ask myself several questions within the confines of the specific categories. My first pass is about immediacy. What pops out first and what is my first impression/read. Second pass explores what the work means, what is the artist saying or not saying? How do I feel when I look at this work? Thirdly, I evaluate technique and whether it fits into the category.

What makes the work compelling? The process is much like the unfolding of a relationship; there are layers upon layers to explore.

My work as a photographer is a constant practice in the ‘ways of seeing.’ In this digital age we consume massive amounts of imagery and messages at a lightening speed. How are we breaking down this stimulation? How are we using it to interact and create? I thank you for allowing me to ‘see’ your work!

Kelly Marshall
January 14, 2015
New York City


Judi Pettite, Gallery Director
Gallery is located in the Library Building with metered parking in Lot A (available at yellow kiosks). Public is welcome and the event is free. Parking in lot A is free with parking pass (available at the gallery) during the art reception. The gallery is wheelchair accessible.

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