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Art Department

Art for the real world


Graphic Communications

Graphic lab computers Graphic design is everywhere. Look around. How many logos can you see? Every book cover, CD cover, magazine was designed by someone. Every tee shirt with a design and web page was created by graphic designer. You may have heard the the internet killed paper products, but there are more books and magazines published than ever before. Graphic design is a career where you make art for the real world, and get paid for doing it.


Our graphics lab is filled with new large screen iMac computers, scanners, and latest Adobe software.


The LMC family of graphic design classes include:

Foundation classes that prepare you for the rest


Software specific classes where you’ll learn more than which buttons to push, you’ll learn how to communicate ideas.

Modern and classic story telling classes for future animators and game designers.

Certificate of Achievement in Graphic Communications

Please note that these classes are in addition to other general education courses and proficiencies required for a certificate.