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EVIDENCE FOR standard iv.a


evidence iv.a.1-34 through iv.a.1-65

IV.A.1-34 IDEA Committee Minutes 090513
IV.A.1-35 Planning Committee Minutes 011614
IV.A.1-36 PDAC Minutes 012314
IV.A.1-37 Sustainability Committee Minutes 101712
IV.A.1-38 TLC Minutes 030612
IV.A.1-39 November SGC Retreat Notes Updated 010510
IV.A.1-40 SGC Minutes 121411-Notes from Retreat
IV.A.1-41 SGC Retreat Agenda-March 2010
IV.A.1-42 SGC Retreat Draft Plan of Action-March 2011
IV.A.1-43 SGC Retreat Agenda-April 2009
IV.A.1-44 Calendar of Monday Meetings-fall 2013
IV.A.1-45 Calendar of Monday Meetings-spring 2013
IV.A.1-46 Calendar of Monday Meetings-fall 2012
IV.A.1-47 SGC Membership 2013-2014
IV.A.1-48 SGC Membership 2012-2013
IV.A.1-49 Strategic Planning Retreat College Assembly Participants 07Apr2014
IV.A.1-50 LMC Employee Satisfaction Survey spring 2014 (Pgs. 1-3)
IV.A.1-51 SGC Minutes 042606
IV.A.1-52 SGC Minutes 101106
IV.A.1-53 SGC Minutes 121306
IV.A.1-54 SGC Minutes 012407
IV.A.1-55 SGC Minutes 082813
IV.A.1-56 TAG Reporting Template to SGC
IV.A.1-57 PDAC PowerPoint to SGC-February 2011
IV.A.1-58 Safety Committee Report to SGC 022311
IV.A.1-59 Planning Committee Report to SGC 022311
IV.A.1-60 Planning Committee Meeting Minutes 19Apr2012
IV.A.1-61 IDEA Report to SGC 2011
IV.A.1-62 IDEA Report to SGC fall 2009
IV.A.1-63 SGC Proposed Meeting Schedule and Topics 2013-2014
IV.A.1-64 SGC Meeting Schedule and Planned Agendas 2011-2012
IV.A.1-65 SGC Committee Reporting Schedule spring 2009