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Professional Learning


What we do


The Office of College Advancement Office coordinates professional learning activities and assists in the planning, implementation and evaluation of these activities. Activities include Flex workshops on a variety of topics including teaching and learning, technology, health and wellness, new employee welcome, staff appreciation, conference attendance (see "Helpful Links", seminars, some grant opportunities and other professional enrichment functions. The office also serves as a link to district level professional development programs for staff and faculty. The Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) is comprised of members from all employee groups and also includes student representation. As a Shared Governance committee (SGC), PDAC's charges are renewed annually by SGC. Your input and participation is welcomed and PDAC strives to work collaboratively with all professional learning initiatives on and off campus to encourage and support the value of shared learning.



PDAC is is responsible for the coordination of professional learning activities on campus. Its members are comprised of Classified, Faculty, Managers. and Students who meet monthly (4th Thursdays, 2 - 4 p.m. in CO-420 or L-215) to fulfill its Mission to strengthen and support a dynamic learning environment that promotes and enhances the personal, professional and organizational development for all employees with the ultimate goal of student success.


Archive of Minutes & Agendas

2014-2015 Agendas and Minutes

PDAC Proposed Agenda for 5-14-15

PDAC Minutes 5-14-15 Final


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 3-26-15

PDAC Minutes 3-26-15 Final

3-26-15 Minutes Corrected


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 2-26-15

PDAC Minutes 2-26-15


PDAC Agenda for 1-22-15

PDAC Minutes 1-22-15 for approval


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 12-4-14

PDAC Minutes 12-4-14 for approval


PDAC Final Agenda 10-23-14

PDAC Minutes 10-23-14


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 9-25-14 Meeting

PDAC Minutes 9-25-14


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 8-28-14 as of 8-19-14

PDAC Minutes 8-28-14


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 5-21-14 Updated

PDAC Minutes 5-21-14


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 4-24-14

PDAC Minutes 4-24-14


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 3-27-14

PDAC Minutes 3-27-14


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 2-27-14

PDAC Minutes 2-27-14


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 1-23-14

PDAC Minutes 1-23-14


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 12-5-13

PDAC Minutes 12-5-13


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 10-24-13

Minutes 10-24-13


PDAC Proposed Agenda for 9-26-13

Minutes 9-26-13


Agenda for 8-29-13

Minutes 8-26-13

LPG 4-22-15 Meeting Notes

LPG Agenda for 04_22_2015


LPG Proposed Agenda for 3-26-15

LPG Minutes 3-26-15


LPG Proposed Agenda for 2-26-15


LPG Proposed Agenda for 01_29_15

LPG Meeting Notes 1-29-15


LPG Proposed Agenda for 12_04_2014

LPG Minutes for 12-4-14


No meeting 10-23-14 (on-line review only)


No meeting 9-25-14


LPG Proposed Agenda for 8-28-14

LPG Minutes 8-28-14 for Approval at 12-4-14 Meeting


LPG Minutes 4-24-14

LPG Proposed Agenda for 4-24-14


LPG Minutes 3-27-14

LPG Proposed Agenda for 3-27-14


LPG Proposed Agenda for 2-27-14


LPG Proposed Agenda for 12-5-13


LPG Proposed Agenda for 9-26-13


LPG Minutes 8-26-13


LPG Proposed Agenda for 8-29-13




ROSTER FOR 2014-2015

*Denotes LPG member also








PDAC's invites all staff to join any one of its subcommittees through which campus professional learning initiatives and related allocations of resources are made.

Conference Review

Health and Wellness


Teaching and Learning Subcommittee

Technology Subcommittee

Welcome/Orientation Lunch for New Employees


For questions regarding Professional Learning and/or Flex, please contact:

Local Planning Group for Flex Chair: Vacant

PDAC Co-Chair/Staff to LPG: Mary Oleson, moleson@losmedanos.edu (ext 37316)

Professional Learning Facilitator: Vacant

Hannah Tatmon, Classified Hourly/Student, Office of College Advancement

Manager/PDAC Co-Chair, Ruth Goodin, rgoodin@losmedanos.edu (ext. 37314) Office of Equity and College Advancement