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EVIDENCE FOR standard iI.C


evidence ii.c.2-1 through ii.c.2-25

II.C.2-1 Library Services Comprehensive Program Review 2012-2013
II.C.2-2 LMC Student Satisfaction Survey fall 2013 Questions #24-#26
II.C.2-3 Bibliography Review Project 2008
II.C.2-4 ENGL 100 CSLO Assessment Report-spring 2012
II.C.2-5 Library PE 100 Workshop Assessment Report-spring 2012
II.C.2-6 Library ENGL 221 Workshop Assessment Report-fall 2013
II.C.2-7 Research Consultation Assessment Plan
II.C.2-8 Reference Desk Evaluation Data-fall 2013
II.C.2-9 CAS Pilot Assessment Report-March 2014
II.C.2-10 Tutoring Program SLO-TLO Assessment Plan 2010-2015
II.C.2-11 Tutor Training Reflections Form-spring 2013
II.C.2-12 Tutor Training Reflections Responses Compiled-spring 2013
II.C.2-13 Drop-In Lab Assessment-spring 2014
II.C.2-14 Center for Academic Support fall 2010 Semester End Report
II.C.2-15 Center for Academic Support spring 2011 Semester End Report
II.C.2-16 Center for Academic Support Seen and Not Seen Drop-ins fall 2012-spring 2013
II.C.2-17 CAS Assessment Plan-spring 2014
II.C.2-18 Flex Workshop Plan-Using Center for Academic Support January 2011
II.C.2-19 Tutor Training Reflections-spring 2013
II.C.2-20 Tutoring Assessment Reports-fall 2012
II.C.2-21 TAG Report to SGC 25Apr2012
II.C.2-22 Flex Workshop Sample 508 Compliance
II.C.2-23 Flex Workshop Sample Alternate Media
II.C.2-24 LRNSK 70 Course Assessment
II.C.2-25 DSPS Student Satisfaction Survey-Comprehensive Program Review fall 2012