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EVIDENCE FOR standard i.B


i.b.1-33 through i.b.1-63

I.B.1-33 Comprehensive Review Template Administration and Support Units-fall 2012
I.B.1-34 Comprehensive Review Template Instructional Programs-fall 2012
I.B.1-35 Comprehensive Review Template Student Services Programs-fall 2012
I.B.1-36 Program Review Survey Results Summary spring 2014
I.B.1-37 RP Group Website Screenshot
I.B.1-38 Faculty Survey on Assessment Results spring 2011
I.B.1-39 College Assembly Notes 15Mar2010
I.B.1-40 Cohort Community Coordinator Meeting May 2010
I.B.1-41 Goal 2 for Program Review 2010 as of 02Nov2010
I.B.1-42 Insights spring 2010
I.B.1-43 College Assembly 01Nov2010 CUE Presentation PowerPoint
I.B.1-44 Governing Board Presentation 25May2011
I.B.1-45 HSI Latino Advisory Meeting II 24May2010
I.B.1-46 General Education Presentation 10Dec2010
I.B.1-47 College Assembly 21Jan2011 EXITO-HSI Presentation PowerPoint
I.B.1-48 LMC HSI EXITO Grant Webpage Screenshot
I.B.1-49 UC-CSU Transfer Data 1989 to Present
I.B.1-50 School Leader Invitation 25Jan2012
I.B.1-51 Educational Partners Breakfast Agenda-February 2012
I.B.1-52 Notes from Educational Partners Breakfast 23Feb2012
I.B.1-53 Educational Partners Breakfast Agenda 05Dec2012
I.B.1-54 Notes from Educational Partners Breakfast December 2012
I.B.1-55 Educational Partners Breakfast Agenda 06Nov2013
I.B.1-56 Notes from Educational Partners Breakfast November 2013
I.B.1-57 CTE Student Success Initiative Report September 2012
I.B.1-58 Analytics Los Medanos Website Content Drilldown
I.B.1-59 District Strategic Planning 1st Charrette
I.B.1-60 LMC Opening Day Big Ideas for Strategic Plan 2014-2019
I.B.1-61 LMC Strategic Planning 1st Retreat
I.B.1-62 LMC Strategic Planning 2nd Retreat
I.B.1-63 LMC Strategic Planning 3rd Retreat