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LMC Success Stories

Join us in celebrating our successes


Celebrating Alumni, Students, Faculty and Staff



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Alumni Stories

Student Stories

      • Kellie McCown - Los Medanos College's Kellie McCown Selected as Semifinalist in Entertainment Industries Council's Generation Next Competition
      • Team Bazinga - LMC engineering students Brian Delgadillo, Chris Sanchez, Shaun Regacho and Angelique Sims take part in an experiment aboard NASA's reduced gravity airplane.
      • Rosanna D. Clark - Acknowledged by Scholastic Honor Society
      • Gloria Duarte - Acknowledged by Scholastic Honor Society
      • Deborah Van Eckhardt - Acknowledged by Scholastic Honor Society
      • Shelby Secor - Athlete Awarded Full Scholarship by Merrimack College
      • Amanda Rupert & Aaron Hall - Honored by Athletic Organization
      • Pineda, Janet - LMC student, Janet Pineda, finds inspiration for her future in the past

Faculty, Staff, Department & Program Stories


Stories about departments and programs

      • Admissions & Records - Wins statewide community college award
      • Art - Artist discovered
      • Athletics - Honored by CCC Athletic Directors Association
      • Child Development - Various news stories relating to child development
      • Computer Science - New Computer Science Faculty
      • Counseling - LMC Counselor, Professor and Advisor
      • Debate - Various news stories relating to debate
      • Drama -Various news stories relating to drama
      • Football - Various news stories relating to football
      • Journalism - Various news stories relating to journalism
      • Library - New Technical Services Librarian
      • Math - LMC Alum is hired back as faculty
      • Math - Los Medanos College among 24 national finalists in awards of excellence program
      • Marketing - Barbara Cella, Eloine Chapman & John Schall win marketing awards
      • Music - LMC Quintet Fulfills Wish
      • Travel - Student persues her passion for travel

Stories about faculty and staff